Irritating folk who give slow or no feedback

  john bunyan 17:23 29 Jul 2014

I realise I am turning into a Victor Meldrew, but I have noticed recently that several people on this and other tech. forums post a query, then one answers as best and as quickly as one can, and there is no feedback nor even a reply. I have been most grateful for the help I have been freely given in the past and like to help where I can, but it is disheartening sometimes if there seems to be a "ghost" poster. Rant over - I feel better now!

  stevethetester 17:54 29 Jul 2014

HI John,

With you all the way on this one; whilst some do respond positively it would appear that over the past few years the numbers are slowly but surely going downwards; I suppose that (and this is showing my age) this is a sign of the times-like yourself I have been on this site for many years trying to help wherever possible but have also noticed this lately! There-that's my little "rant" out of the way as well!! Steve

  bumpkin 18:49 29 Jul 2014

Once they have got the answer they require and their PC is sorted, blow you Jack I am OK. I'll come back when I need some more help. Very rude in my opinion not to even say thanks or explain.

  alanrwood 19:22 29 Jul 2014

I'm right with you on this. I spend several hours a day on 4 tech forums trying to help others and very rarely does anyone say thanks or even bother to reply. Not everyone I accept.

  Woolwell 19:23 29 Jul 2014

I too may be going the same way. There is one who I have given up on and have got to the stage when I very reluctantly answer any of his questions. It's a shame because this site was and could be still good but seems to be slipping lately, perhaps that just my impression though.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:11 29 Jul 2014

I fee the same way on this one. Even worse, in my opinion, are the ones who ask for help and then, when you ask for more information so you can help them, never bother to reply.

  iscanut 20:46 29 Jul 2014

Can I apply to join the Victor Meldrew club please ? I cannot agree more with these postings and find it so ignorant when the original poster never bothers to say thanks or whether the answers have been of help and solved the problem.

  spuds 00:23 30 Jul 2014

john bunyan

Its not a rant. You are only stating what other member's might also be thinking.

This subject as been raised many times, and its possibly why names you often seen in the past, who contributed greatly and freely to this forum and made it what it was in the heydays, no longer bother to post any more.

  Woolwell 12:20 30 Jul 2014

Plus those who omit vital information eg they've already tried that!

  HondaMan 12:34 30 Jul 2014

I reckon it's just plain good manners to finish what you started, i.e. asking for help/advice, and submit a post, "Thanks" bringing the matter to a conclusion, and, in my opiniion a green tick is not sufficient

  bumpkin 13:01 30 Jul 2014

Seems we all agree on this one. where is spider9 to point out the virtues of rudeness:-)

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