ir24 15:23 22 Aug 2008

I was an existing aol customer for years and asked in carphone warehouse if free laptop deal applied to existing customers. I was told yes and it would cost £5 more making it £19.99 a month. they asked it I wanted aol talk as well. I told them I was locked in a contract with bt and they repeated price would be 19.99

Before cooling off period, I found out it would cost £29.99 a month if I did not have AOl talk. I tried cancelling and was told on 1st call I did not need to cancel yet, as I could cancel at any time. On 2nd call, they said if I stayed with Aol, i would only pay £19.99 not 29.99, so I did. Both calls within cooling off period

Got letter after cooling off period saying will cost 29.99. rang again and assured will cost 19.99. got another letter in june and rang again. told would cost 29.99. spoke to customer services. Assured it would be 19.99. got bank statement in august and they had took 59.98. rang again and told I would have to pay 29.99 and if I wanted to cancel it would cost me 19 months payment at 19.99 a month.

what do i do now? I tried cancelling twice in cooling off period and 1st call was totally wrong and told me I could cancel later. 2nd call in cooling off period told me if I did not cancel, they would charge me only 19.99 for next 24 months and not 29.99. Now they insist I must pay 29.99 or 19 payments of 19.99 to cancel.

  ir24 15:24 22 Aug 2008

sorry, forgot to put title

  Covergirl 15:25 22 Aug 2008

Hopefully you kept a note of who you spoke to, date and time of calls etc to back you up ?

  ir24 15:36 22 Aug 2008

I quoted the name and date of last person I spoke to in June and they still were not interested

  spuds 16:49 22 Aug 2008

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