Ipods are dangerous ??

  Mr Alien 13:30 13 Jul 2004

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  MidgetMan 13:45 13 Jul 2004

Not sure which is more of a concern, them banning Ibods, or the MOD admitting that they use windows xp!!

  Mr Alien 13:50 13 Jul 2004

The biggest concern is that a pilot is the spokes-person for IT matters!

He even quoted an incorrect capacity of 2gb.

And if this is the case - why target just IPod and not all portable mass-data storage devices?

But in all honesty, all technology is a threat to classified sites now (cameras on cellphones, PDAs, pens that record audio...). But yet they are a part of everyday life!

  byfordr 14:07 13 Jul 2004

Not the first time the MOD has considered the threat of portable storage. The humble floppy was once considered a risk.


  accord 16:12 13 Jul 2004

The company I work for takes this risk very seriously by way of disabling printer ports and floppy drives on our laptops. Also if we use a USB pen we are subject to disciplinary action.

This is in fear of the customer database being transfered to the USB pen or printed out.

What they fail to take into account is the use of pen and paper to write all customer details down.

  Mr Alien 16:19 13 Jul 2004

The only way a company will prevent data leakage is by disabling all of its staff !

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