Ipod or Mp3 - advice please

  TRFC1 15:08 29 Jul 2003

Should I buy an iPod or a hard disk Mp3 player. Also, I have a USB port on my PC not USB 2.0, does that mean I have to by an add on before I can download on to the ipod..? Oh and one more thing...is it true its not compatible with windows media player?? Thanks guys

  TechMad 15:31 29 Jul 2003

No you don't need an add on. You may just find that download speeds that are quoted are likely to be up to 40 times slower. This is because the USB 2.0 device will have to work to the slower capabilities of USB 1.1.

  TechMad 15:40 29 Jul 2003

Media Player may refuse to play some unprotected MP3s, depending on the version (Media Player 9 is apparently the worst). I think.

I have heard that the Ipod doesn't work quite as well on the PC as it does on the MAC, for known reasons.

However an Ipod may make it easier to obtain legal MP3s through iTunes, when it is launched in the UK and for the Windows platform. I haven't heard of any other legal sources of MP3s.

  Webmaster 20:18 29 Jul 2003

Just to point out that iPODs are near impossible to find at present. Apple completely did not anticipate such a demand.

  TRFC1 12:58 30 Jul 2003

Webmaster - yes I've discovered that now!! apparently apple will build to order but that will still take 3 wks or more! thanks for all your advice

  bremner 15:16 30 Jul 2003

This months PCA (page 39) has a review of the Ipod and concludes it's biggest problem is the Musicmatch software

  Q-Bie 16:51 30 Jul 2003

I entirely agree about the Musicmatch software that comes with the iPod.

In my job at PC World on PC Clinic we've had virtually every single iPod that we've sold (not many, as stocks were limited) come back into the store for testing. All due to the Musicmatch software crashing, not detecting the iPod, not transferring files etc... Plus it seems to be incompatible with certain firewire cards :|

There are plenty of other programs on the net you can use to transfer the music across. Use something like EAC and LAME to create your MP3's (Which will probably be better quality than musicmatch anyway).

  mdshamilton 17:38 30 Jul 2003

A colleague uses an IPod with a PC and he loves it. You can even get an FM transmitter (imported from the US) to transmit your songs to your car radio (within 10 feet).

I've been lusting for one for awhile....

  mdshamilton 13:22 07 Aug 2003

Apparently MusicMatch doesn't work worth a damn to sync your music from a PC to an IPod. It's fine to gather your music together, but then use Ephpod to sync to the IPod. Ephpod is a free app that works wonderfully, a song takes 6 secs to sync etc.

click here

  neutronxx 14:02 07 Aug 2003

i purchased a 15gb ipod a couple of months ago and was impressed by style, ease of use and the sheer coolness of it as a gadget. Plus i could put most of my CD's on it. However I returned its a week later for a refund.

As mentioned above Musicmatch is quite frankly awful and had real trouble even recognising that the iPod was connected/disconnected. Plus it is really unintuitive to use. They must have offered Apple a LOT of money to get such poor software bundled with the pod.

Finally i found the sound quality really disappointing. It lacked any real bass, warmth or solidity to the music. The equalizer presets were just as poor. Compared to my Sony Minidisc player, which i have gone back to (because at the end of the day its the sound that counts), it sounded flat and over bright. I tried it with the IPod headphones (really poor), my seperate AIWA earphones which can handle a lot of bass (still poor) and my Seinheisser hi fi headphones (not bad but nothing special).

Of course it is all personal taste really.. but I say try before you buy or get it from John Lewis or someone with a good refund policy.

  Macaonasa 12:02 08 Aug 2003

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