IPOD NANO Install problem - please help!

  Sirpad 01:25 05 Mar 2006

Just bought the 2gb Ipod Nano today and my daughter was over the moon.

However, when I try to install the software I get the following error message...

'Error - 1607 - Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting Runtime'

I have found links about this problem via Google but none of the suggestions seem to work. I have been to an Ipod Nano forum and found no help there either.

One of them was troubling. It told me firstly to find C:\WINDOWS\Installer but when I type this in the toolbar it just isn't there. I've downloaded tons of software and never have a problem.

Someone please Help. I told my daughter I'd have it working by Sunday night.

  ICF 07:35 05 Mar 2006

Do you have quicktime installed?

  ICF 07:37 05 Mar 2006

Have you tried all the suggestion on this site click here

  ICF 07:40 05 Mar 2006

Find the version of the software you trying install and do what it says here click here

  De Marcus™ 09:05 05 Mar 2006

The apple support site links to this Microsoft support article click here

  Sirpad 09:09 05 Mar 2006

Thanks so much! You have made one 10-year old very happy (and saved my ass). I did have quicktime and I had tried everything from the link in your first suggestion already (amongst other links I found) but to no avail.

What did it was your second link that brought me to InstallShield where I was instructed to download the correct version of ISScript. Oddly enough I had been to this site already and had entered my problem in their search but was not offered this option.

Am not sure where you're from but if you're ever in Ireland then drinks are on me (you may have to drink alone though as I come from a rare breed of Irishmen that doesn't drink).

I've received and given help on this forum before but this is the most rewarding yet. Thanks!

  Sirpad 09:14 05 Mar 2006

Hi De Marcus. Thanks for the tip. I'd already been there and nothing seemed to work. I'm all set now (see preious reply). Either ICF gets up really early on Sundays or is in a different time-zone.

Don't worry, I may have other questions once my daughter starts actually using her iPod.

  ICF 09:59 05 Mar 2006


I don't live in another time zone unless Lancashire is and I didn't know it LOL.

Glad I could help. I have never been to Ireland but you never know I will hold you to that drink.

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