Iplate / BT Broadband Accelerator

  jack 20:10 20 Apr 2010

I have just ordered the above
Have any of you got experience of one?

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:39 20 Apr 2010

I merely disconnected the bell wire after a talk with a BT engineer who lives near me. This does the same as the Iplate and costs......... nothing....click here


  spuds 20:53 20 Apr 2010

I am on Tiscali, and BT OpenReach did some work on my internet system last year, by fitting a new 'broadband master box' and independent extension cable, so I now have a direct broadband link. Whether the new 'broadband master box' is the same device as per link, I wouldn't really know. But one thing that I do know, my speed went up, making me an happy bunny.

There was a mention previously on the forum about this device, and by all accounts it seems a worthwhile incentive. Looking a some of the reviews on the BT site, would perhaps suggest 'worthwhile' as well!.

jack, you will have to let us know your verdict, when you receive and fit the unit.

  The Kestrel 21:17 20 Apr 2010

It seems to work best if you are connected to broadband via an extension cable, rather than directly to the master box. I fitted one some time ago and have seen an improvement in speed of around 15% on a long extension cable, from front to back of my house.

  wiz-king 21:20 20 Apr 2010

I you live in a newly wired (by BT) place it wont make any difference. If your wiring is old and has been chopped and changed over the years it may make a considerable difference.

  morddwyd 08:28 21 Apr 2010

Didn't make any noticeable difference to my set up.

  john810 09:08 21 Apr 2010

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  jack 14:38 21 Apr 2010

I might have known it was going to be too easy.

Unit came this AM
Offered it to the main unit - old type box - no go.
I came- by the way- with no instruction sealed in a 'Fort Knox' type carton.
Searched the internert and found istruction PDF and a couple of Video's from BT and other suppliers.

It seems my existing box is of the Vintage that came with Mr Bells original - and this will need to be updated.

My service is BT - so a simple update of kit - right?
They want to sell me an 'Engineer come and fit' service for pennies short of £200,to fit an item that based on the piece I have purchased has a cost[to BT] of less than £5,and an engineer possibly 30 minutes fitting time.

I think not - so as I have done all my own internal fitting and wiring- I reckon this is a can do operation if only I could locate a source for the bit.

Hmm- Will keep an eye open for the Open Source teams working on the Optical boxes that are going in around here - they may have an idea or two.

  wiz-king 16:14 21 Apr 2010

wiring diagram click here
socket click here

  Diemmess 16:36 21 Apr 2010

Many DIY shops carry what you need as long as you have a pukka BT outside line/internal house junction box.

I've always understood that in the event of a line fault their responsibility goes as far as this box and after that there are few grounds for a quibble.

  spuds 16:56 21 Apr 2010

Regarding BT and their engineer and service plus charges. Tiscali in conjunction with BT told me that I would have to pay so as to bring their vintage box to a modern day standard. A few bits of moaning about poor service soon remedied the problem at no cost to me. Would point out that my outside cable to the telegraph pole is a combination of new cable and 40 year old solid strand. BT OpenReach would not change this because "If you was to see what is from you house to the exchange, you will see similar, including knots and ties". Now that's modern thinking, service and possibly let-off clause ;o(

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