iphone and water damage

  iqs 19:00 10 Jun 2010


I purchased an iPhone a few weeks ago on contract.Since then I have been reading in the press and on-line about Apple refusing to honour the warranty if they state that the phone is damaged due to water.

I was wondering if any of the forum members have experienced issues with their iPhone warranty?.

Thank you

  MAT ALAN 19:35 10 Jun 2010

click here

They don't need to refuse, it's clearly written into the aggreement...

  [email protected] 00:23 11 Jun 2010

This was brought up in a thread here recently (although I can't remember which one).

Someone in it said though that the warranty is only invalidated if BOTH the external AND internal sensors have been triggered (however, some Apple staff appear to be unaware of this)

  KremmenUK 07:09 11 Jun 2010

This very issue was on Watchdog a week ago.

It's another Apple customer issue whereby if the either of the external tabs turn red then they will refuse any warranty claims.

It's put me off buying anything Apple.

  wee eddie 10:00 11 Jun 2010

that 'damage' of any kind is a 'warranty' issue.

If you spill your Chardonnay over the phone, that is your problem, not theirs.

Damage, by the ingress of a liquid, is relatively simple to diagnose and is not a manufacturing fault or a component failure.

  onthelimit 10:09 11 Jun 2010

Surely the answer is to ensure your household policy covers damage to mobiles - mine does!

  donki 13:03 11 Jun 2010

In my experience Apple have had great customer sevice. There employees, unlike many other stores, are trained well and know the products inside out. Many companies eletrical products which show any sign of water damage will not be covered under warrantee.

Another thing apple offer on the iPhone, I dont know about other products, is the Out Of Service Warrantee where they will replace any water damaged phone with a refurbuished one for £150.


Yup everyone should be makign sure they have this.

  iqs 13:12 13 Jun 2010

many thanks for replies,cheers

  bremner 14:28 13 Jun 2010

It was my posting that [email protected] refered to and I said -
re the water sensor

This was featured on Watchdog last week.

It does seem very easy to trigger the two external sensors but the point that was made was that it would be very hard to trigger the two internal ones without serious water egress.

A problem seemed to be that on returning to Apple stores the phones were no being opened up to see if the internal sensors were red.

The staff were saying "warranty invaild" simply from viewing the two externals. Apple stated "the warranty will only be void due to liquid damage if all [four] indicators have been triggered" click here seems they need to tell their staff this.

  karmgord 15:41 13 Jun 2010

Make sure you have "accidental damage" cover on your insurance

  PalaeoBill 20:32 13 Jun 2010

There is a huge difference between using a phone in a humid environment (or having sweaty palms) and immersing it in liquid or having a significant spill incident over it.
Two points were being made by Watchdog; the first was that the internal sensors were not being checked (which Apple have now issued clarification to the stores about) but the second point was the sensors may be too sensitive. It seems they are being triggered when phones have not been immersed. I await the follow up programme.
If the iphone can't cope with general humidity, and water vapour is getting inside and triggering the sensors, then its a design fault. You can't expect people to maintain that kind of vigilance in keeping something like a mobile phone that dry in English weather.

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