iphone and small crack on case

  iqs 21:12 11 Feb 2011

I have an Iphone 3GS on contract from O2.Today I noticed a small crack on the case.
I went to my local Apple store to ask what they can do under the guarantee.

I was informed that the crack was accidental damage,and was not covered by the guarantee.

I asked could they just fit a new rear case,No was the reply.The way the Iphone is constructed means the case/screen cannot be replaced.The only option was a new phone which would cost me £139.

I have the phone insured through my bank,and was told to contact them for the costs for the exchange

Are Apple right?

Any advice is appreciated thanks

  spuds 22:23 11 Feb 2011

Is there evidence to accidental damage, or you being fobbed off?.

Perhaps an internet search might find if other users have had similar problems with the model you have?.

  Chris the Ancient 11:03 12 Feb 2011

I suspect that the crack is next to the main connector at the bottom of the phone? This is quite a normal place for them to crack - without affecting the operation on the phone. Nearly all 2nd-hand iPhone 3 sales on ebay declare a crack there.

Therefore, if that is the situation, I (and this is an extremely personal opinion), I would say that the phone was designed incorrectly or, that during assembly, the adjacent screws were over-tightened - and that is a manufacturing flaw.

If your crack is there, print a few ebay sales declaring that flaw and and take that to your o2 shop and be heavy with them. You might win. Otherwise let's hope your insurance company can help; but they might use the same story as me!

I'm lucky. (I've just checked) my 3g is still OK. I also use a blanking plug (check well-known auction sites) in situ in the connector socket and, rather than rely on the big, wobbly plug connector as supplied by Apple too much, I use a cheap docking station on my desk for charging and data transfers (also available on well-known auction sites).



  bremner 15:55 12 Feb 2011

click here

If the phone is under warranty it may be worth trying a different Apple store.

  iqs 20:49 12 Feb 2011


Thank you for your comments.

I went back to the Apple store this morning.After the previous days encounter,I was just about to contact my bank to arrange the exchange,but decided to Google and see if there is an issue with the case cracking.

The answer is yes.I read posts via the Apple forum and others,all stating similar stories to mine.

Most cracks appear by the ports,but mine is on the top left corner away from the ear jack.So that's when I decided to go back to the store.

I spoke to a helpful young lady who was more understanding then her college the previous evening.
She arranged a meeting with the Genius Bar,went back at 2.

The chap I saw was very professional and knowledgeable about the cracks.
He noted that my phone even thou it was nearly 11 months old,it was in as new condition,apart from the crack.

He arranged an exchange for as he said a new phone.It might of been a refurbished iphone,he couldn't say for sure but it comes with new battery,case etc etc and is crack and scratch free,and more importantly looks new

So now I have another new iphone

If it wasn't for the first member of staff telling me to go through my insurance,my first experience of returning a product back to Apple would of been 100% perfect.

It just shows that some shops know how to treat a customer,and more importantly keep customers .

Next purchase form Apple a Ipad


  Chris the Ancient 21:25 12 Feb 2011

Glad everything worked out for you.

  bremner 22:01 12 Feb 2011

It is always the case that you must use the Genius Bar when you have a problem with a device.

I am really surprised that on your first visit you were not directed to it.

It is great that you got a successful result

  spuds 10:34 13 Feb 2011

Just a small question, but are the Apple outlets run as a franchise?.

If so, perhaps that is why their seems to be a difference of opinion and after-sales service?.

  bremner 13:38 13 Feb 2011

No they are not a franchise they are totally Apple Inc.

Apple does have authorised resellers that are not owned by Apple

  iqs 15:56 13 Feb 2011

thanks again to you all for the advice and help,now to find another suitable case.

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