Iphone on other networks?

  soupz 18:40 29 Mar 2008

I was at brentCross today at the apple store and was playing around with the iphone and thought that it was a lovely piece of technology and something that I would like to have but already having bought a phone on T-mobile I wasnt going to open another contract on O2.

so i went next door to carphonewarehouse and asked if it was avilable on T-mobile. from what I understand from reading past reports on the iphone, O2 have the exclusive contract for iphone and from memory, if anyone was to unlock it for other networks, when it came to updating the phone software, apple would render the phone useless.

Now the assistant mentioned to me that I could buy the phone offline sim-free and get the phone unlocked for £30 and be able to use my existing sim-card on T-mobile and all I would do is sign up to webnwalk and be able to use the features of the iphone.

I told him that I remembered that there was issues with unlocking and using other sims on the phone but he gave me a funny look and told me it was nonsense and I could use the phone with any network I liked. I wasnt sure so i thanked him and left so i could do a bit more research.

Well, what do you guys think? is he right?

  Woolwell 18:46 29 Mar 2008

Not an answer directly to your question but do have a look at the HTC Touch Plus that is called the HTC Touch Dual with Orange.

  Terrycot 18:59 29 Mar 2008

Check out ziphone

click here

more info

click here

It does work

  jimmybond 13:23 30 Mar 2008

"all I would do is sign up to webnwalk and be able to use the features of the iphone"

...bear in mind that, brilliant as the iphone is in terms of interface & browser, it's fairly weedy on the connectivity front. No 3G or HSDPA mean you'll be stuck with using Wi-Fi to connect to the internet - and from T-mobiles website, their 'hotspot plan' looks like it caters mainly for people who spend a lot of time in airports and drink in starbucks.

If you aren't near a T-mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, then forget it as far as the internet is concerned. I think it has EDGE connectivity also, but don't even go there!!

Following on from Woolwell's answer - I briefly (very briefly) looked at the iphone before going for T-Mobile's MDA Vario III with Web'n'Walk. At the end of the day, features and functionality win the day for me.

Have ditched BT, no longer use a landline and can access broadband internet simply by plugging my phone into laptop and away! Plus it has in-built sat-nav, another feature lacking from iPhone.

  jimmybond 13:30 30 Mar 2008

...oh yeah, did the salesperson at T-Mobile tell you that you'll also need to sign up to their £20 a month hotspot price plan - that's assuming you do actually manage to unlock the iphone....
click here
If you're that seduced by the iphone, why not get the best of both worlds - an i-Touch for the fancy browser and interface to show off to your mates and drool over....and a 'proper' phone for the rest of the features missing ;-)

  soupz 17:42 30 Mar 2008

Hi guys,

Well the main feature that impressed me most was the internet browser and its display of webpages. It displayed soo much better than previous phones I've looked at. But I've come to realise that in the apple store, the iphones where connected via Wifi so I guess internet use wouldn't be as fast!

I think the saleman at carphonewarehouse was misleading me becuase Ive just looked on their website and from what i gather, you cannot officially buy the iphone sim-free without contract.

Thanks to everyone here for providing me with the links and information!

Woolwell, Terrycot and jimmybond!

I'm going to have a look at other phones now?

Do you know of any other phones that can render webpages and be actually good at mobile web use?

  Woolwell 18:40 30 Mar 2008


My own mobile, an HTC, displays webpages quite well using Internet Explorer mobile. But how it connects to get the data is important and you have to watch the data charges with your phone operator as they can work out quite expensive.

  jimmybond 23:03 30 Mar 2008

...further to the last post - "you have to watch the data charges with your phone operator as they can work out quite expensive"

...I recall a couple were recently charged £11,000 for a mobile broadband download, which consisted of four episodes of friends!! Bet that created a few arguments at home....and you thought the kids were the problem.

click here+'cost+couple+%C2%A311,000'

  tonymcdonn 20:22 04 Feb 2010

Have a look at this site it a good iphone forums site.

  tonymcdonn 20:23 04 Feb 2010

this is it click here

  superhoops 20:57 05 Feb 2010

Think you need to check the date of last posting!!

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