Ipaq and Tom Tom Vavigation.

  bremner 12:40 23 Oct 2004

I am considering buying a Tom Tom navigator to bolt on to my Ipaq for use in the car.

Has anyone experience of one of these and can offer advice or good / bad comments.


  anchor 13:01 23 Oct 2004

I have an Ipaq, and bought the Tom-Tom 3 from click here

I have used it extensively in the UK and, (with the optional European maps), during my 2500 mile tour of France this summer, and it has proved invaluable. It seems accurate to about 6ft, and if you need to deviate from the route, (e.g. a road closure, it quickly re-calculates a new one).

I found that you very often need to do a soft reset of the Ipaq when setting a new route and plugging in, even with their latest 3.03 download. However, this is only a minor inconvenience. Their mapping seems excellent. There is lots more I could say, but if you need more information, contact me direct by clicking on the envelope next to my name.

  bremner 13:37 23 Oct 2004

Thanks anchor and Bela.

I am going to have a look at the Bluetooth version that is coming out on 26th October before making any firm decision.

anchor I may well take you up on your offer - thanks very much.

  pharte 14:18 23 Oct 2004

I thought about the same as youself and ended up buying to tomtom go last week.
It works out more expensive but it is a totally standalone unit and does everything you ask it to do. I paid £400.00 for mine from dabs.com

  bremner 14:55 23 Oct 2004

£400 is out of my price range - I already have the Ipaq and the Tom Tom 3 bluetooth is only £159.00 + about £30 for a cradle.

  stevenlockyer2 19:53 23 Oct 2004

The Ipaq is not very loud and you will need a powered pda cradle such as the arkon which works well with my ipaq in fact I often have to turn the volume down. the tomtom 3 is an excellent choice of navigational software and the whole
system has proven to be very effective

  richard s 20:35 23 Oct 2004

Have used TomTom 3 a lot in Devonshire, Somerset,Dorset & Oxfordshire. always found the address i wanted with no problems.

Would not go out to a new area without my TomTom 3

  bremner 08:10 24 Oct 2004

Just realised that I misunderstood the site I was looking at click here

They will have more in stock on 26th NOT that it is released on 26th - doh

Thanks to everyone who has contributed - you have made my mind up. I will be getting the TT3 Bluetooth in the near future.

  anchor 14:43 24 Oct 2004

You don`t say what car you have; this thread may be worth a look:

click here

By the way, my Ipaq is quite loud enough. How it would be in an open-top car I could not say, but in my saloon model it is more than adequate.

When you get it, read the instructions carefully, and then make some trial local trips with it. This should help you get familiar with it.

  bremner 15:11 24 Oct 2004

I do not have a Renault and I am pretty sure my screen is not a heat reflected one.

Thanks for the warning though.

  accord 19:40 24 Oct 2004

take a look at the review at click here

ive been looking at the TT3 and ipaq 4150 but will wait until TT2004 is released click here before taking the plunge

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