Invalidate Warranty

  shezzer 13:10 29 Jun 2003

Does opening up your computer to install new components invalidate my warranty as i have been told from my retailer The computer has gone dead and on returning it to the shop they say they will lok at it but i will have to pay for a technician it is 4 months old i have installed more memory a case fan and a network card but all was well untill this

  H-J 13:30 29 Jun 2003

simply have a good look through terms and conditions of sale. also have a look at same on manufacturers website (if there is one). additionaly, were there and seals etc on the case that said 'warrenty void if broken' etc?

personally, I think that what you have done, by itself, would not matter. a system unit is not a 'no user serviceable components inside' piece of kit. unless you had some sort of mis-hap that we dont know about. but it would be down to you to determine the compatability of the components. Also, do they already know about these upgrades?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:07 29 Jun 2003

Usually there is a clause in the sales agreement that prohibits opening the case and doing ANY modifications. This is not unusual as anyone who has bought a new car will know. Personally if I was a manufacturer i would insist that no one touched the insides of the computer...I have seen too many goof ups from well-meaning amateurs.


  -pops- 18:22 29 Jun 2003

The Personal Computer was originally designed by IBM to be open-able and upgrade-able by the user. That is why it is constructed in the way it is - to be able to do this so easily. This is different to the MAC machine where Apple definitely made, and still make, it difficult to access the insides and extras are as almost unobtainable.

Nevertheless, some resellers of PC type machines do not permit tinkering with the insides.


  Patr100 18:37 29 Jun 2003

PCs are meant to to be upgradeable.Regardless of any "clause" provided your actions have not caused the problem, all the individual parts should be warranted. Can you not try to return it to it's orignal state and see if the problem still exists?

  shezzer 19:39 29 Jun 2003

pc is in for repair dont know what the problem is yet but was advised that i had invalidated the warranty because i had opened the case thanks for the replies

  SEASHANTY 20:20 29 Jun 2003

Debatable point. However if the manufacturers state that opening the case will invalidate the warranty then they reserve that right and you open it at your peril. Best to check with them first. I asked Pace if I could upgrade their twin Freeview digital TV with 20 GB hard disk recorder to an 80GB disk. They replied saying if I did this I would invalidate the warranty. NOTE - they didn't say this couldn't be done. Anyway I haven't purchased one.

  H-J 21:47 29 Jun 2003

Surely they can't just suddenly declare out of the blue that it invalidates the warranty. Doesn't such a condition have to be set out somewhere?

  carver 22:05 29 Jun 2003

Examine the wording on the warranty you where given with the PC, then come back and tell us if there is anything relating to opening the case. Forget anything the shop has said, EXAMINE the contract.

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