Internet TV under scrutiny in the House of Lords

  TopCat® 18:37 31 Aug 2012

If given the go-ahead this will mean the end of broadcast TV as we know it. Can't say that I myself am impressed with the idea, but others may be looking forward to it. What say you? TC. Lords help us!

  morddwyd 20:17 31 Aug 2012

Not in my lifetime.

  Aitchbee 09:21 01 Sep 2012

Printed books will be next on the Lords' list to 'go for a burton'...freeing up much needed shelf-space, up and down the land. (TIC)

But television over the internet would appeal to me; as I only have 'dial-up' and a mobile broadband dongle internet connection, I wouldn't be able watch it (TV) at all...sounds good to me.

  Forum Editor 09:54 01 Sep 2012


"I only have 'dial-up' and a mobile broadband dongle internet connection,"

Have you explored alternatives?

It's just possible that you could make an overall saving and get a faster connection as well.

  Aitchbee 11:22 01 Sep 2012

Thanks for the link, FE. I will 'mull it over'...seriously.

  proudfoot 19:39 01 Sep 2012

How is internet TV ever to be achieved throughout the country when the vast majority of the population cannot D/L Youtube video without it buffering. I for one cannot see high speed broadband reaching my area within the next 10 years if ever. I don't live in a particularly remote location, just a bit off the beaten track. it is typical of Westminster, if you live north the Severn/Trent you do not count. Everthing is for the southeast.

  carver 00:22 02 Sep 2012

Already have internet TV with SKY and to be honest it's very good, films take about 30 seconds to buffer before being able to watch them and also get a good choice of programmes on demand.

Times are changing and it's all for the better.

Only problem is you need a good download speed.

  morddwyd 08:27 02 Sep 2012

"Only problem is you need a good download speed."

And that's the rub.

I don't live in a particularly remote or rural area but I can't even listen to uninterrupted internet radio, let alone watch video.

  proudfoot 11:52 02 Sep 2012

I too can D/L through Sky but in my case I have to D/L the film etc. some considerable time before viewing. Live TV is impossible. The funds allocated to upgrade to high speed internet at the moment will only cover a small fraction of the country. It is going to need at least 10 times as much if not more to give an adequate service.

  Woolwell 14:56 03 Sep 2012

It's rather reminiscent of Rediffusion.

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