Internet speed 512 or 1MG?

  cara 22:10 01 Jul 2004

As has been mentioned BT have reduced their prices.

I am currently paying £29.99 with BT. I could either pay the reduced price saving £3.00 or continue to pay £29.99 for 1MG. What are your opinions. Would I see a great deal of difference in 1MG?


  rickimalone 22:15 01 Jul 2004

Yes I would get 1MB I downloads lots of things and also enjoy online gaming. There is nothing better than say having a 50MB file in front of you, hit download go make a cup of tea and it's all done in a few mins!!! get as much as you can affoard role on 10MB Download and 10MB uploads!!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:15 02 Jul 2004

It will make little difference unless you are online gaming and then the benefits are dubious.


  Lead 01:15 02 Jul 2004

You won't notice any difference online gaming, nor in surfing, unless the pages you are visiting are heavy on high-res graphics and/or video. Where you will notice the difference is in downloading files. Like already mentioned, they will be very fast. So if, like me, you do play games and download lots of map files and mods, it's definitely worth it, especially if it's only £3 extra.

  Danoh 01:39 02 Jul 2004

For general browsing/emailing, it will be some web sites inability to deal with the volume of traffic which will slow you down no matter how big a pipe you pay for. 512 is a good compromise, unless you _regularly_ download large files or get into online gaming as already mentioned.

  antoni34 03:31 02 Jul 2004

I have a 512 package from Tiscali and use it to play a game called Combat Mission online.

It is fast enough for me and price has been cut to £24.99/month.

So unless your into really SERIOUS online gaming & downloading then a 512 package is sufficient.

  leo49 07:10 02 Jul 2004

Don't even think about downgrading.You WILL notice the difference and regret it.Only those with 512 will tell you different....

  byfordr 09:32 02 Jul 2004

Prefer 2mb myself. My Dads got 1mb with fast24, the difference between that and my uncles 512kb(BT) connection is startling. It made it seem like dial up.

click here £27.50 1mb £37.50 2mb failing that
click here has some good deals. Including slow 512 service during the day with faster out of office hours.

Have a sniff around click here for different companies.


  rickimalone 11:26 02 Jul 2004


  rickimalone 11:35 02 Jul 2004

Also to:


I take it that none of you onlnie game then? as with a 1MB connection which has an upload speed of 256k you are able to host a game with DOUBLE the amount of players than you could with a 512K connection also when playing with other gamers with 1MB connection the games are LAG free something a 512k is rarely 100% free from.

  Sir Radfordin 12:43 02 Jul 2004

rickimalone makes a valid point - 512k connections normally only have upstream speed of 128k or 256k whereas a 1mb downstream is likely to be linked with a higher upstream rate.

You may well notice the difference in speeds but personally I doubt you will be able to actaully acheive anything faster.

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