Internet slow down?

  Forum Editor 19:01 25 Jan 2003

From about 05:20 this morning a known vulnerability in Microsoft SQL server systems was being targeted by a hybrid worm that combines a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) with the automated propagation techniques used by worms such as Code Red.
This has tended to result in a general slowing of the Internet as a whole, so please be patient if you have experienced any difficulties with web site access - as far as I know forum members have not being having undue problems.

  powerless 19:25 25 Jan 2003

I couldn't access this site at all this morning, apart from a few times but it sure was slow.


All my other websites that i visit i could not access. I have 170 or so favourites i was trying them all. They were very slow to load and some i did not see at all.

I also kept get "kicked" or "booted" from Yahoo Messenger and AIM messenger...

I also know other people that were having troubles.

Some worm.

  powerless 19:30 25 Jan 2003

Something like this has happened before?

  TOPCAT® 20:05 25 Jan 2003

'THE INTERNET WIDE impact of routers being flooded with SQL attack messages can be laid directly at the feet of Microsoft.

99.9% of the machines were vulnerable despite having been warned in July.'

click here

  Pilch.... 21:48 25 Jan 2003
  Coaster3 11:46 26 Jan 2003

I've had no problems at all but a friend in America reckons that the internet has been virtually at a standstill over there.

  TOPCAT® 13:37 26 Jan 2003

... the "quick and easy" fixes are here, with instructions:

click here


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