internet sharing probs with XP

  novatron 17:47 05 Jul 2003


I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I have sharing my internet connection. I bought a Belkin PCI network kit to enable me to share my single phone line. I can share the printer and transfer files between each PC with no problems, but I cannot share the internet connection. I?ve run the network connection wizard more times than I can remember but I still can?t access the net from the client computer.

The host is a 1.1GHz AMD Athlon and the client is an old Pentium2 400 MHz both are running Windows XP professional. The icon showing the internet is connected appears on the client computer and I can disconnect the host from the net via the client computer. When I click on the net icon on the client computer and click status it?s the title bar contains the name of my internet connection provider and the name of my host computer. Under the general tab the title of internet gateway is displayed and underneath there is a picture of the client compute connecting to the net via the host.

In Internet Explorer on the client computer I?ve gone to ?tools? and then ?internet options? followed by clicking on ?connections? but I?ve got no idea how to connect it to the host computer. I can click on LAN setting but I?ve no idea what to change. I if I click on ?setup? it just runs the network connection wizard again, which I?ve have tried quite a few time putting it mildly. I?ve clicked on the ?add? part of ?dial-up and private network settings? but I don?t think any of those options will help me.

It would be great if anyone could help me as I?m starting to run out of hair to pull out!

  The Spires 21:13 05 Jul 2003

You have gone ito your internet connection/properties/advanced & ticked the lower 3 boxes?

  jazzypop 00:22 06 Jul 2003

Make sure (on the client PC) that 'never dial a connection' is selected - this will force it to use the LAN.

  malik4456 09:56 06 Jul 2003

Go with broadband .It is so much simpler to set up home network and you will not have issue with Internet connection share .

  novatron 12:12 06 Jul 2003

Felt a bit stupid when I found out but Zonealert was blocking access to the client computer, removed it and it works great.

  Chris the Ancient 22:15 06 Jul 2003

You are not alone in falling foul of ZoneAlarm. I'd like to say I did it once and learnt from it. I'd like to say it, but the truth is, I did it more than once.


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