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  1369 19:26 04 Apr 2006

Hi all,
Just in the process of buying a new security suite currentlly runing Trend Micro version 12 which has been fine and at the time of its release was highly reccomended in PC Advisor.
Was a bit supprised to see that it did not get the best of reviews in Aprils issue and wondered if anybody had any comments on Trend or any of the other new releases both good and bad before I go spending my money.
Cheers Sean

  Joe R 19:32 04 Apr 2006


Why spend money.?

Anti/virus, either Avast or AVG free edition.
Spyware, Adaware, Spybot A2, Spywareblaster, and a few others. Firewall, Zonelabs zonealarm.

These are some programs I have been using for numerous years now, and the last virus i was infected with was the original "Blaster", and only because at the time, I saw no need for an A/v.

  ade.h 20:56 04 Apr 2006

The very best firewall was designed by a specialist in firewall technology (Kerio) and likewise the best AV was developed by one of the world's very best AV devcos (Eset). So no suite is ever going to be optimised.

Unlike some people, I won't criticise anyone who is willing to pay for premium products if the offer something extra. In security, any improvement is worth paying for.

  pipedream 21:01 04 Apr 2006

Would agree with Joe R - go for AVG Free & Kerio (I'd normally recommend ZoneAlarm but it caused a major problem for me recently on a PC running NTL broadband, requiring a Windows reinstall!). This is probably heresy, but you could also buy this month's Computer Shopper which includes a free copy of McAfee Personal Firewall...

  anskyber 21:08 04 Apr 2006

There are some good arguements in favour of the free ones which I will not disagree with. Having said that I run ZoneAlarm Suite ver 6. Heres a review click here I have found it to be just as I want and although I do routine checks with the free Spybot Search and Destroy as well as AdAware free version they have not picked anything up. It is not as obviously invasive as my last Norton versions. So I am very happy. The free ones may well do you though if you are a private user. I have seen ZA for £27.

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