Internet providers

  gunner66 12:11 12 Feb 2004


The choice of internet deals seems to be ever increasing.

I am currently looking at changing to Tiscali Broadband x3 deal. Is anyone out there using this and if so what are the good points and bad please.

Much appreaciated


  Stuartli 13:26 12 Feb 2004

For a pound or two more you can get even faster from Tiscali (not the world's greatest for after care and service); however Pipex at around £23 for the proper service is as good as any and far better than most.

  Stuartli 13:42 12 Feb 2004

Interesting news today about Tiscali's turnover:

click here

Even more staggering is the fact that it states that the latest loss is a "marked improvement" on the even more substantial loss it made previously...:-)

Just how do these firms stay in business when they make such vast losses on huge turnovers?

  Sparrowhawk 15:20 12 Feb 2004
  Sparrowhawk 15:24 12 Feb 2004
  Sparrowhawk 15:30 12 Feb 2004

I made a query that sorts ISPs by ANNUAL (TOTAL) cost of ownership for a 1MB line:

click here

Tells me that click here is the cheapest.

  IClaudio 17:52 12 Feb 2004

especially the 1Mps with free modem at £25 a month.

But I'm with Pipex, and even tho' I just missed the free modem offer (so had to fork out £99 for one), and it's £23 for a mere 1/2Mps, I'm loath to change as I've had no probs at all with Pipex and the connection seems very fast and stable. Plus, their contract is just for a month, so you can leave quite painlessly.

Hmmm, maybe I'll mosey over to Bulldog...

  IClaudio 17:57 12 Feb 2004

I've now gone and actually read the Bulldog site in detail, and found that these plans are time-limited, so that the 1Mps connection is only available at certain times. That's useless for me, so Pipex it remains.

May not be the cheapest, but I've been very happy wth it :)

  ch0pper 01:36 13 Feb 2004

I've been using Pipex ADSL for 18 months or so.

Never had any problems at all.

  SafeHaven 08:38 13 Feb 2004

Pipex £23.44 a month inc vat, my wife and I run 3 pc's on a wirless network via a adsl wirless router and pipex do not have a problem with that. Some ISP's do and won't alow you to network check the small print also adsl speed your getting for your money, some are doing low speed 512 at high prices.

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