Internet Protection Problems HELP!

  stevedunham 20:05 26 Feb 2004

I've been happily trusting my internet protection to NIS 2002 for two years now, but since my hardrive went Kaput and I have had to reinstall all the software on the new drive (oh what fun)I can't get NIS to work properly. Paid my subscription in December 03 so I thought no probs here. I found that when I tried to use live update I couldn't down load the latest security or virus updates. Contact Symantec he thinks! No good here, auto support assistant tells me that NIS & NAV 2002 are no longer supported, but to upgrade now. Is this me being cynical or does this sound like profeteering to me? Customer support offered me an extra year on my 1st year if I upgrade but will I be unsupported once NIS 2005 comes out? I've heard that there are some problems with NIS 2004 and win ME, any thoughts out there? Or should I ditch Norton and try elsewhere, Thought about AVG and Zonealarm but i need something that will give parental control over net viewing for the kids, any suggestions or should I just plod with Norton or McAffee?

  john-232317 20:27 26 Feb 2004

Ditch Norton and get AVG, explain to the kids about the net, you wont stop them surfing, but tell them the guidelines and then trust their judgement...

  Belatucadrus 22:13 26 Feb 2004

Child safe Internet control :- Iprotectyou click here Weblocker click here

Free combined AntiVirus & Firewall for 12months :- EZArmor security suite click here

Free Anti Virus :- avast1 4 click here

Free Firewall :- Kerio 4 click here

  mbp 22:25 26 Feb 2004

If you hate to throw good money away, then because you have only recently paid your subs, it would seem only practical to upgrade and get that extra free year to balance things out. I think NIS will provide you sufficient security cover for your needs, but then you will be commited to Norton for the next 22 months? However, if your subs are not that important to you and you want to switch, just be warned that you should first FULLY uninstall all traces of Norton and Symantec from you HD. This has been discussed thoroughly in several places. Please do a bit of research before you embark on this task. All the other programs you have mentioned have been vetted by many including experts and approved of.

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