Internet on the move for laptops

  Handy Spinner 11:12 24 Jun 2005

Morning all,

I am choosing a budget laptop for work purposes. At the moment I'm tending towards the HP Compaq nx6110 (click here ), but if anyone has found a better deal, I'd be grateful to hear it!

My main question, however, is as follows: the notebook will need portable internet access for working in a completely telephone-line free environment. Off the top of my head I seem to remember being able to buy a GSM card (or something) and being able to get slowish internet access through that, but that was some while ago now. Could someone apprise me of the current situation, and what would likely be the best service and ISP to go for in this case?

Many thanks,


  TomJerry 12:39 24 Jun 2005

all mobile operators offer mobile data service use GPRS or 3G technology, you can go to Vodafone's web site to check their offering under business service, the charge is about £80 a month

the lappy you selected is good one, but you can get better price £643.90 click here

  Handy Spinner 13:12 24 Jun 2005

Thanks for the advice. £80 would really be too much, though; it would see only occasional use - transfer of Word documents will be the main thing. Are there cheaper alternatives out there, albeit for a slower speed?

Oh, and here's another laptop I noticed...tell me what you think of it in relation to my first choice!



  Handy Spinner 13:59 24 Jun 2005

...and I forgot to include the link. Here it is: click here

Incidentally, this is the HP one I'm considering. click here



  TomJerry 16:34 24 Jun 2005

if your mobile has build-in modem (many do), you can connect your lappy with it via either infra-red or bluetooth and dial to a normal dial up ISP, the speed is slow 9.6kbps, but you can use your free minutes if you find an dial-up isp which give normal number (not 0845 or 0808).

To transfer word file, it is best to zip it before transfer. The file size will be reduced greatly.

The HP machine in your second link has low spec, it use Celeron M in stead of pentium-M processor, I think it would be better to get your original option even cost more.

Acer is the world's largest lap maker and it makes lappys for many leading brand and it's lapptops are great value for money

  Handy Spinner 17:07 24 Jun 2005

...I may go for this one instead, which has a Pentium M, and also 512MB of RAM: click here

One thing - would it come with a mains charger, or would I have to buy that separately?

Could I ask you for your honest opinion of that Acer - is it worth going for instead, considering I'll probaly have to upgrade the memory? I notice it has a Pentium M and is considerably cheaper than the above HP!



  TomJerry 21:34 24 Jun 2005

you can get better valued Acer model: ACER ASPIRE 1682WLMi PM 725 1.6Ghz 60GB 512MB DVD RW Dual 15.4TFT WXGA XP Home £596 click here

All laptops should come with adaptor.

  pavvi 12:36 07 Aug 2005

I work for a mobile phone shop, and had a customer come in, and ask the same question. Peronally it's cheaper to go somewhere like Starbucks have a cup of coffee and use their hotspot with your wifi rather than using a data card. 1GB of information for 70 is about the cheapest you willo find, and in comparison broadband is much cheaper even if you take the line rental into consideration.

  BlackBerry 10:56 06 Mar 2006

well Adam Phones offer the 3G data cards on Vodafone network free of charge. You have a choice of 3 options:

click here

Monthly Line Rental: £20 (exc.VAT)
Monthly Line Rental: £35 (exc.VAT) << Unlimited data usage within the UK

Monthly Line Rental: £80 (exc.VAT)

Hope this helps.


  pavvi 08:37 08 Mar 2006

the "unlimited" one isn't truly unlimited....1GB only is stated as the fair use maximum

  Dellman 10:31 08 Mar 2006

have you tried DELL????

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