Internet just stops. Solution?

  Ellie3009 11:20 05 May 2003

I have been having this problem for a while, but it has begun to frustrate me, so I'm looking for a solution!

When I'm using the internet, sometimes it just stops, usually after I have been online for more than 30 mins. The bytes recieved numbers just stop moving, even when there should be activity going on because I'm loading a page/downloading a file etc. However, I never get any "this program has stopped responding" type messages.

Once this happens I cannot load another website, and disconnecting and re-dialing doesn't solve the problem. The only way to solve the problem is to restart the PC, although it never shuts down properly after this has happened and I'm always forced to hit the power button.

I regularly use IE6, OE, Yahoo messenger 5.5, and MSN messenger (most recent version) although it seems to make no difference which combination of these, or how many windows I have open at the time.

The problem is not with phoneline or ISP, because the PC recently spent 4 weeks at my parents house where both are different, and the problem persisted.

The PC is running win 98, Athlon 600mhz, HD 10gb, 196mb RAM, with an HSP56k micromodem.

Thanks in advance for replies!

  Ellie3009 11:28 05 May 2003

Drat, wrong forum. Ignore this one and I'll post it again in the Helproom!

  Ellie3009 11:30 05 May 2003

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