Internet Explorer 7 v 8 ?

  freaky 18:25 11 Feb 2010

I am currently using Windows XP Home (SP3), and Explorer 7. When (8) came out last year there was a lot of criticism so I have not installed it.

With all the recent security scares I am wondering if I should download it. Also would like to know if I can revert back to (7) if there are problems?

  Arnie 18:52 11 Feb 2010

You can remove IE version 8 in the Control Panel.

Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.

I only use IE 8 to access updates from Microsoft but it seems to have a good user interface.

If you save a copy of IE 7 it can be replaced with no problems after uninstalling v.8.

I prefer Firefox for everyday use.

  961 19:03 11 Feb 2010

IE8 has settled down and, as reported above, can be unloaded back to IE7 if you find you are unhappy with it

I took use firefox for most things but for those who have lived with IE over the years version 8 is ok

  freaky 19:41 11 Feb 2010

Thanks.....I appreciate you can remove IE v.8 using Add/Remove programs, but not sure about reinstalling IE v.7 as it is not saved anywhere?

  961 09:03 12 Feb 2010

Yes it will automatically resume where it left off.
It is there although you can't see it, like system restore

  Input Overload 09:52 12 Feb 2010

I've had no problems with 8 on this PC,or on other PC's I've installed it on, I don't see what the problem is with it.

  freaky 20:36 17 Feb 2010

Thanks all......installed IE8 on the wife's PC and it worked OK after some twiddling. Will now put it on my PC!!!!

  robin_x 02:36 18 Feb 2010

You really should be using IE8. Much more secure.
I know some old websites complain.

Been a dedicated user of MS and IE since whenever they came out. Even since Z80 machine code.

Always resisted the Linux/Firefox and other calls.

Still don't use Linux (Ubuntu didnt like my system), but I saw the light on FF a few months ago.

Try it for a week. You can still hop to IE whenever you want.

Particularly like:
1) Speed. No Bloat.
2) Tools/Add-ons/Get Add-ons/Browse All Add-ons
(I cant afford an iPhone and best thing)
3) PDF xchange viewer. You can get rid of Adobe.
4) MozBackup. Easy to backup your favourites (Bookmarks)
5) Compatibility. Everyone who develops something to be compatible with IE also does same for FF.

All those years with IE and I wouldnt go back apart from the odd occasion. Progress and fickleness I suppose.

  HondaMan 09:22 18 Feb 2010

I use Opera. Very fast and because it's a "minority" browser, is less likely to be attacked.

  Labdweller 14:19 18 Feb 2010

Opera user here too :)

To anybody else considering IE 7 or 8, please use IE8!! As an 'occasional' web developer, I would like to see IE7 and earlier disappear as soon as possible.

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