Internet Buying

  misog 20:40 15 Mar 2004

I have bought a item on the internet at what I know is too a low a price. I have received a mail confirming the price. Can the supplier still increase the price or has a contract been made.

  georgemac 22:02 15 Mar 2004

cannot increase the price, but may be able to pull out of the deal - not sure - when you are sure you have made a contract perhaps you will share the bargain with the rest of us?

  misog 22:08 15 Mar 2004

As it appears to be a small company I am dealing with I'm reluctant to disclose their identity.I will feel guilty if they honour the price

  The Spires 22:19 15 Mar 2004

Would you walk out of Tesco if a young till operator gave you far too much change?

  carver 22:29 15 Mar 2004

Look at this from another point of view, do you do a lot of business with this firm, do you want that firm to be in business in 12 months time. Also one last point, if you know the price to be so low that a mistake is obvious then they can withdraw from the contract as long as they haven't taken your money.

  misog 22:29 15 Mar 2004

YES but this company aint Tesco,s

  misog 22:35 15 Mar 2004

In answer to "Carver" its just a one off purchase from a supplier I stumbled across on Google but is supplying at 25% less than anything else on the net for this particular item.

  wags 22:35 15 Mar 2004

If they have confirmed the price...go ahead and buy. But, if feelings of guilt overwhelm you, then cancel. The choice is yours and only you can decide.

  EasyE 22:37 15 Mar 2004

It depends on the size of the error, they may not notice it or may let it go. But if 1000+ people order it at that price, they'll soon get wise and all deals will be off!

Their argument will be 'it was a typo' and the goods were never intended to be sold at that price. i.e. the item should be $200, but their site listed it at $20.

Let's hope you get yourself a bargain!

  wags 22:37 15 Mar 2004

25% less...that's quite common in my experience, depending on what it is that you have bought. What sort of product ? give us a clue...

  misog 23:21 15 Mar 2004

Is the confirmation mail a contract? thats all I want to know.

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