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  [DELETED] 16:30 30 Sep 2003

i was wanting a digital camera .and found a firm recomended by google .it was pixmania .uk
the offer was good .you could follow the sale
it had two years garuantee .and a contact phone no
wow i thought .that is good .i will buy it .i placed my order and after a day or two they contacted me for a copy of my driving licence .or uttilities bill .anyway i was not going to send a
driving licence copy so i rang the contact no .the answer was in french goodbye and see you soon .impossible .my camera arived from france
in a bashed about box
why did they not say they were a fench firm .as i would have bought i will never buy of the net again

  bremner 16:40 30 Sep 2003

A colleague has bought a number of items from Pixmania with no problem.

A quick look on their site and it is clear they are based in Paris. Just look at the Contact Us and place your order by letter sections.

They deliver using DHL and it is there that your complaint should probably be directed.

Your last sentence means the only person who will loose out is you. I have saved hundreds of pounds by buying online.

  [DELETED] 09:21 01 Oct 2003

I have spent many thousands of pounds with online purchases and saved myself many hundreds of pounds by doing so. I have had no major problems doing this.

As bremner says, it is you that will be the loser.

  [DELETED] 16:46 01 Oct 2003

ive bought heaps online too and i`ll still do so.make sure you real the small print in future.

  Stuartli 17:07 01 Oct 2003

Both Pixmania and Nomatica are French companies.

I bought a digital camcorder from Nomatica late last year which was faulty on arrival.

Nomatica expected me to send it back at my expense (they were prepared only to refund basic Royal Mail costs), refusing to use TNT who had delivered it. Nomatica sent, or so it claimed, a replacement by the French postal service - it has still not been sighted 18 months on...

In the end, after a week or so of "discussion" with Nomatica's UK office (staffed by French employees) the matter was referred to Visa, who not only refunded the £788 cost, but also the £53 it had cost to send the original camcorder back to France by DHL, along with my telephone costs.

At least Nomatica got its originally supplied digital camera back....;-)

Just as a point of interest I reordered the camera online, this time from LetsGoDigital in Plymouth; it was delivered next day and the £649 cost included delivery.

A lesson learned......

  Stuartli 17:10 01 Oct 2003

I must point out that I have ordered thousands of pounds worth of computer systems, peripherals, hardware etc on the net (not just for me I hasten to add!), along with CDs, cameras and all manner of other things, without any problems, except for just three incidents over several years.

You can just as easily have problems buying goods in your local shops and I have absolutely no qualms about ordering online from reputable outfits - it's usually a lot cheaper and the goods are normally delivered early next day.

  [DELETED] 18:45 02 Oct 2003

a lot of internet firms do not print an address
it is obvious why( so you have a hard time sending things back )I know I will not be able to send my camera back .say what you like .I stick by what I say they are rouges .and you can stuff buying of the net

  [DELETED] 19:29 02 Oct 2003

'I stick by what I say they are rouges .and you can stuff buying of the net'..this is the most insular and myopic statement that I have ever read. So what if they are french, we live in the big world now. You are grossly over reacting to a reasonable request due to the large amounts of CC fraud. How can they be rougues when they are trying to stop rougues? You will be the only loser as buying off the Net is a good cheap way of can even get oil for your lamps from the Net ;-))


  [DELETED] 19:50 02 Oct 2003

I agree with everyone's comments (apart from yours, fitcher). I have bought countless products on the net, including Cd's, DVDs mailed form Hong Kong, games from Jersey, PC equipment, books, etc etc and never had a problem. Buying online is convenient and saves money. If you are put off by one bad experience, then fine, that is your choice, but you are missing out IMHO....

  [DELETED] 21:39 02 Oct 2003

I've just looked at the site being complained about and if it were any more obvious that it was a French company there would be garlic and red wine fumes coming out of my monitor.

Their address is: PIXMANIA - 187, rue du Chevaleret 75013 PARIS France. That didn't take much of an effort on my part to find.

Is this just another dig by an insular Briton at the French?

I worked for a long time in France and I can say that the French are no more honest or dishonest than the British. Just because they speak a different language doesn't make them an inferior species.

  Belatucadrus 22:44 02 Oct 2003

Lets not get too carried away with the entente cordiale, we Anglo Saxons have a long established tradition of waging war on our Gallic neighbours and only the intervention of those Johnny come latelies the Germans changed this. Remember the hundred years war and Henry the V. Does anybody know if the Salic laws still apply ?

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