International calls

  User-178362 15:48 26 Dec 2006

Do you know of a way of finding a phone number for USA / Germany for free? BT charge £1.50 connection then 75p per min.

  anchor 17:09 26 Dec 2006

Try this for the USA

click here

It found my friends in Mississippi.

  anchor 17:13 26 Dec 2006

This might work for Germany; can`t check as I don`t know anyone there.

click here

  grumpygramp 18:09 26 Dec 2006

I don`t know about phoning the States for free, but my wife spends over an hour every Sunday ringing our Daughter in Texas at Two and a half pence per minute with "SuperLine". Most of our UK calls are covered by a £10 a month standing charge . There are a mass of other firms some cheaper but Superline have been trouble free now for 4 years and I am loath to change .

  Stuartli 20:59 26 Dec 2006

If you both have Skype it will be free....:-)

  Stuartli 21:00 26 Dec 2006

The family have just spent an hour on Skype chatting to one of the offspring in the Caymans; the webcam capability enhances the moment.

  dewskit 12:16 27 Dec 2006

I have used Telediscount for some years (click here) very efficient, and you do not need to set up an account as you are billed through your normal BT telephone account, shows as a call to an 0844 number.

I have phoned Germany (1p per minute, Austria and Hong Kong (both 2p per minute) over the Christmas period and no problems whatsoever.

Just checked the site and USA calls currently at 1p per minute


  dewskit 12:20 27 Dec 2006

Sorry I missed this out!

click here gave me a number for Texas virtually instantly just now!

  Stuartli 13:37 27 Dec 2006

I've checked out your link for calls (in my case to the Cayman Islands) and, at 9p a minute to mobiles, it's more costly than's 5p a minute...:-)

The reason I've checked was because a member of the family was in hospital over Christmas and had to rely on a mobile phone to keep in touch.

My source for the service was, as always, the excellent click here, website

  anchor 15:52 27 Dec 2006

I think some of you missed the point of the question raised by sea princess XP Pro. She wanted to have a free source of finding telephone numbers in the USA and Germany. In my opinion the BT charge is exorbitant.

Low cost calls are available; I personally use either 18866, 18185 or Telediscount, depending upon which rate is best.

  User-178362 20:04 27 Dec 2006

I have found the number. Do I put 0844 8 610 610 then put in the zip code followed by the area code, then the phone number? only I am getting different parts of the world not the USA.

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