Internal PCI ADSL modem or external router?

  Oldfrt 14:09 05 Nov 2004

I am on BT Yahoo with a Speedtouch 330 USB modem. Alright, no problems but I want to "tidy" things up - which made me think of an internal PCI ADSL modem, though these seem not to be flavour of the month. Why is this, if what it gives is as basic and undemanding as that? Any recommendations and/or warnings?

I was tempted to go for an external ADSL router, to allow for other PC/laptop connections to the internet. But I am very loath to have yet another plugged device - I'm running out of sockets with all the gear and peripherals in my PC Corner.

The Netgear DG834 (wired) would be the simplest as I would have to buy an additional PCI wireless card, presumably.

My problem is that when I tried to connect my XP Pro laptop to my XP Pro PC using ethernet, the so-called Wizard baffled me good! All seemed to go well, and the 2 computers seemed to see each other, but b----r me if I could get them to communicate or view. Let alone allow the laptop to get on the Net via the PC. I couldn't find any truly dummy-proof talk-through of the procedure or troubleshooting. So that makes me run shy of buying an expensive router piece of gear that I muff setting up. It will probably, in "setup/installation", ask me all sorts of questions about addresses and acronyms that I'd be stumped to answer!

Any thoughts about a true plug-n-play fool-proof package, guys? And what I would need to know - and how I find this out?

  TomJerry 19:41 05 Nov 2004

(1) You need Cat5 Crossover cable, not normal Cat5 cable.

(2) Quit any Firewall software if you got any running.

(3) Click My Network Place, then click set up home or small office network, then just follow screen instruction. Two thing to remember (a) Give a name to each computer (b) Set network as workgroup and give group name "Workgroup". Do this on both machines.

They should be able to see each other. If you want to share directory XYZ on PC1, go to (4)

(4) Click My computer, find directory XYZ, right click XYZ and select property, from there you can find "Share" and then you can set permission there.

(5) Access Net, on the PC link to net, Enable "Internet Connection Sharing". You can get step by step instruction about this by searching "Internet Connection Sharing" on windows' help.

Want to instruction, check out "homenethelp" click here

Still does not work, come back here to tell us what you done and what happen.

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