Interent closing down

  [DELETED] 23:59 25 Aug 2003

My friend has upgraded from ME to XP, now when he surfs the net he receives a message in a box stating that the internet is closing down and to save any work. It shuts the internet down and he has to dial up again. I have win98 so I cannot advise him, though I have suggested that he could repair his internet installation. It is possible that XP has a conflict with his version of the internet ?. I am guessing here as I am a bit of a learner myself, Help please, I will pass on your advice. Cheers

  [DELETED] 00:06 26 Aug 2003

Could be this, follow the advice from jester. j.

Jester2K II Wed, 13.08.03 | 14:19
To prevent it (if not infected already)

1) get the MS Patch from click here - for XP you need the 32 bit version.

2) Install you AV and update it.

Thats it.

To remove it

1) Download Stinger click here on a clean PC and transfer to the infected PC via floppy.

2) Get the MS Patch from click here - for XP you need the 32 bit version - on a clean PC and transfer to the infected PC via floppy.

2) Start the infected PC in Safe Mode and scan with Stinger.

3) Reboot and install the patch.

4) Update your AV and do a full scan or get Free AV from click here

  [DELETED] 00:08 26 Aug 2003

Sorry, the links didn't come through! I'll see if I can find the thread for you.

  [DELETED] 00:17 26 Aug 2003

click here Found it, follow the advice and links from this page. j.

  [DELETED] 00:29 26 Aug 2003

Maybe a good idea to post this in the Helproom?

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  [DELETED] 14:42 26 Aug 2003

Peverelli. I had not intended this to be in the consumer room, I was looking at a posting there before I posted my question and I forgot to change to the helproom, so sorry......Djohn, once again you've come through with help, my friend is not a member of the forum so I have told him how to join and pointed him to the thread you found for me about the worm/virus, it is exactly what he is having problems with, I only hope he can stay online long enough to get to the thread!
Many thanks again, cheers

  [DELETED] 15:12 26 Aug 2003

Just in case he has a problem staying on-line, you can download all that is needed on your PC. Create a new folder on your desktop by right clicking on your desktop, then choose "New folder" from the menu. Give it a name, then download all that is necessary, choose save as the option and point them to your new folder.

Burn them to a CD, then pop round, or post to your friend, he will then be able to fix his problem, before going on-line to join the forum. Good luck. j.

  [DELETED] 21:08 26 Aug 2003

thanks again Djohn, you are a treasure ! cheers

  [DELETED] 00:51 27 Aug 2003

I wasn't criticising so no need to apologise: it's simply because you would probably have got more responses if you reposted in the helproom. Hope it's sorted anyway ;O)

  [DELETED] 00:21 10 Sep 2003

My friend has just informed me that he still has the virus, that he has McAfee and has not used it and he has asked several others and they said the same as I, "You've got a virus", so I have given up on him. Thanks folks for all your advice, I did pass it all on and directed him to this site etc., Maybe he thinks the computer will sort the problem itself!!!! Cheers everyone

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