intel p4 or 64bit ?

  ROB/R 19:12 19 May 2004

p4 3gig(e) or 64 bit what is best for a work horse
help please.

  SANTOS7 11:07 20 May 2004

P4 for encoding and file crunching, Athlon 64 for gaming.
Abit IC7 Max3, Asus P4C800 Deluxe or similar Intel 875P chipset motherboard for the P4.
The Athlon 64 isn't quite as clear cut, Via's KT800 chipset motherboards are performing well (MSI, Asus, Abit) but look out for the new Nvidia Nforce3 250 chipset (note 250 not 150) rumoured to be slightly quicker than the rest when it arrives.
One thing is clear at this moment in time there is no clear winner for Athlon 64, all three offerings from Via, Nvidia and SIS perform almost the same.
Replying helps further our knowledge, without comment leaves us wondering.
johnodq (TechnicalUser)May 5, 2004The Intel chips have NO support for 32bit os's/apps but the AMD's will run 32bit os's/apps aswell as 64bit, if you don't want to invest in all new 64bit software then AMD is the better option.

I would suggest that you look at the sites for the respective manufacturers to help you decide.

click here

click here
hope this helps

  rickimalone 12:41 20 May 2004

This thread a few weeks ago takes up the main issues:click here

The thing with this one is everyone will tell you something different, the same with hardware review sites.

The difference between the high end AMD64'S and P4's is that the AMD chip's are ready for the 64bit software when it comes, so if the computer your going to buy must last you for 4-5 years and you will be wanting to use 64bit sofware right away then go with AMD.

The P4's generally out perform AMD in rendering and video decoding so if thats your thing and you will just by another 64bit computer when all the 64bit software you want is out there, then go for a p4,
On the flip side to that AMD64's generally are better at Office based tasks and number crunching but again there really is not much in at all and for many the difference can never be appreciated with one out doing the other in a fraction of a second.

The choice is yours I went for and AMD64 as I cant really justify buying another PC for at least 4-5 years and like the thought of being able to run the next windows 64bit os, whether I need it or not is another thing all together.

The system plays all the latests games and does everything I want of it and alot more so it is the right choice for me but if I was buying for a specific task that the P4 was better at I would have gone for that instead.

  rickimalone 12:48 20 May 2004

Also to add the AMD64 3000 chip cost £170 so the price factor may well be a factor in it.

  TomJerry 15:52 20 May 2004

Unless, you use highend workstation or use self compile re-release linux or WindowsXP 64 bite beta.

Current WinXP etc does not support 64bit. AMD 64bit run 32bit emulation mode and I do not think AMD (or any manufactur) guarantee their CPU (or motherboard) will work with future release of Windows. As for WinXP 64bit beta, it cannot installed on many machines.

So take your pick, but do not expect your "64 bit" cpu will run future 64bit windows.

  rickimalone 21:47 20 May 2004

Just where did you get that from regarding AMD64 not being able to run Windows Longhorn???????

Windows XP 64bit beat will run on all AMD64BIT chips that are already out and so will future 64BIT applications, just where on earth did you cant that nonsense from???????????????

  TomJerry 09:22 21 May 2004

Where did you find AMD guarantee 64bit CPU will run on future 64bit Win which you will not see it long time?

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