Intel P4 550 or AMD FX 53?

  contactjas 22:42 27 Aug 2004

I am intend to buy one of two computer systems I have seen within the next few days. I need some help. Firstly, I’m not so concerned with which processor is better. I’m sure the AMD will out-perform the Intel. What I am concerned about is future proofing myself as regards to the system as a whole.

Here are the benefits of the Intel 550 system:
PCI-Express motherboard with an ATI X800 XT video card (PCI-E slot).

AMD FX 53 system:
64-bit (also with a similar video card from nVidia - AGP)

I want the best of both worlds but of course i cant since the Intel isn’t 64-bit, and the AMD system doesn’t have the PCI-e architecture.

I have a few questions which may help me make up my mind, and would be grateful if you could help.

1. When Intel release their 64-bit processor, will it use socket 775? (This way I can easily upgrade the Intel 550 processor with the 64-bit one, and keep the existing motherboard)

2. Are there any motherboards that use the PCI-E architecture for the AMD FX 53 processor? If not, is there likely to ever be any such motherboard for the AMD?

Thank you in advance.

  CurlyWhirly 19:57 28 Aug 2004

I think you would get more responses if you posted it in the Helproom forum!

  contactjas 21:15 28 Aug 2004

Okey dokey!

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