Integral 512 Mb SD Card

  Dragon_Heart 12:00 07 Jun 2006

Anyone had any experience of these cards ?

  wee eddie 14:27 07 Jun 2006

Tell us, why the query, as then you may get some form of answer

  Dragon_Heart 20:58 07 Jun 2006

Why the query ? I saw this make / size at what I consider a good price and was intending to buy a couple for my camera.

Just like PC's not all SD cards are equal !

  [DELETED] 21:04 07 Jun 2006

I've had 3 different makes and never had any problems with any of them or noticed any real difference, can't advise on the make you are on about but one of the cheapest places to buy memory is here click here= the Sandisk ones are well thought of.

  [DELETED] 21:25 07 Jun 2006

I use 3 types of SD card and they are all the same...afraid there is equality. For friends I buy the cheapest available and they work fine.


  Dragon_Heart 21:39 07 Jun 2006

Thanks for your thoughts GANDALF <|:-)> .... what's all this techno babble then about different speeds of card ?

Your word is good enough for me !

Thanks also to Totally-braindead ..... am going to try click here

  wee eddie 22:01 07 Jun 2006

I see no mention of different speeds, or for that matter, any speed at all.

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