Instant CD Cannot Recognise My CDRs

  anniel 16:34 15 Dec 2003

Have new Evesham PC.

Sony CRX 230E Cd Writer
Pinnacle Instant CD?DVD

Spent hours on my old PC burning CDRs of mp3 music ready to put on new PC.

Used cheap and medium range price Philips CDRs for the task.

The Instant CD programme could not recognise the CDRs and kept instructing me to insert a disc.

Thing is, when I tried much older MP3s..they were OK.

Evesham blame the CDRs I have used, but I would like some opinions here.

  Diemmess 17:48 15 Dec 2003

Treading gently because I have use CD burners for safe keeping data rather than playable disks.

Have found that high speed burning often makes a disk which is only readable by the CD drive which burned it. Consequently I usually burn at about 4X in spite of the opportunity to go much higher.

This may be the result of a backlog of old "Jungle" disks which I bought a long time ago as a 100 pack.

Wise after the event I will go for a brand name without an impossible amount of logos and other stuff blocking the label and leaving little room for titles.

So back to your problem, It seems a tricky one, but if your old CDs will play on someone else's drive then you have an argument with Evesham which may be difficult to resolve.

  anniel 18:20 15 Dec 2003

This new CD writer is obviously much faster than the last Sony I had. The discs which cannot be read were made at a slow speed and I am now trying to play them in a much newer old Sony was a CRX145E but this one is a CRX 230E.

The strange thing is, that the new writer recognises come CDRs I made on the old writer as far back as 2001.

This is why I am wondering if it is the quality of the CDRs I have used to do all this recent burning.

  Diemmess 11:36 16 Dec 2003

Now "wildly flapping about trying to say something useful" -- could this be a software problem perhaps to do with the type of file the new player is trying to read? Your guess is likely to be much better than mine.

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