Installed, or not?

  yoghurt 15:45 23 Jan 2005

Some PC makers promote a specific ISP, e.g. Dell - Tiscali; TINY - supanet.

So, are these ISPs already installed on the PCs they sell, or can you choose to install them yourself, or not?

If the ISPs are already installed, are they easy to remove, so you can install your own choice of ISP?

Thanks for any replies.

  Forum Editor 16:18 23 Jan 2005

but the answer's yes, it's easy to uninstall any software that has been preinstalled by your computer vendor, and set the machine up to use any ISP of your choice.

  Kate B 16:24 23 Jan 2005

Isn't supanet a bit of a nightmare to remove? I seem to remember various threads about it - I gathered it was something to avoid.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:35 23 Jan 2005

Kate B - maybe not a nightmare, but certainly not simple like most; the modem is tied to Supanet and that needs deoptimisation.

  rickf 16:50 23 Jan 2005

and you need to get back to Time or Tiny or Supanet for info to uninstall at a price to their helpline.

  spuds 17:12 23 Jan 2005

In the case of Dell and Tiscali, I think that they have agreed on a lower price for internet services offered than that what is offered to the general public, or it seems to be if you read Dell's literature.

  freaky 18:22 23 Jan 2005

I recently bought a new Mesh, this had a shortcut on the desktop to install a particular ISP.

Note, the ISP was not actually installed on the computer, if you clicked the shortcut then it gave you the opportunity to activate it.

I just went to add/remove programs, uninstalled the ISP, then deleted the shortcut on the desktop.

I should imagine that computer suppliers get some sort of payment from the ISP if the user signs up.

  yoghurt 18:59 23 Jan 2005

Sorry about the wrong forum.


  yoghurt 19:02 23 Jan 2005

If you want to transfer the thread to the Helproom, you may.

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