Input needed for Building my New System

  Demora 09:40 19 Jun 2008


I have reached that stage where I want to be able to say 'I built this' So the queries I have.

1. Intel or AMD (had both and the last AMD Motherboard has been a pain)

2. Core 2 Duo or Quad. (I'm not a gamer BUT I do a lot of photo and video editing)

I have been looking at motherboard bundles at click here because as far as I can tell the processor is already fitted (the most scary bit)

I intend using WinVista Ultimate and have 2 x 250gig Hds SATA) and 2 DVD Ram rewriters (SATA) a Geforce GFX 8500 card and other bits and bobs to fit into the case. (I bought a new case a while ago.

A 500watt PSU and various usb kit.

I'm in no hurry to build this as my AMD Athlon pc is behaving ok. At the moment!!!


  Strawballs 10:53 19 Jun 2008

The bundles from Novatech come with CPU,Fan and heatsink and Ram already fitted.

  Demora 11:30 19 Jun 2008

Yes.... There website states that BUT I really don't know which one to go for. I don't want to be in the position of finding that the one I bought won't cut it. BUT I don't want to spend on something thats way over the top for my needs. (like an ultra gaming machine for 2 GFX cards) I also need something that will run 4gbs+ memory.

As for Memory and heatsinks being already fitted. Not a worry as I've exchanged many a fan. Memory module and even PSUs. The fitting of other hardware is fairly easy too.


  bobbybowls 11:55 19 Jun 2008

i always advise buying the best that you can afford at the time. the speed at which technology improves, means that todays top of the line becomes a middle of the road machine after 12/18 months.look for a mb that will be upgradeable to meet your needs for a few years, you might not need 2 graphics cards and 8 meg of memory now, but if you keep it for a while you will find it useful to have the option of upgrading rather than building new.

  Demora 10:36 20 Jun 2008

This is the one I've been looking at click here

Also looked a a cheaper bundle

click here

My other query is that my hard drives although SATA are not type 2. Are these going to work in there?


  carver 22:27 20 Jun 2008

The only problem you have with those bundles is you have an out of date mobo and cpu,

If you can afford it go for a E8400 CPU, a better mobo and 4GB of memory.

Look here for mobo click here

Here for CPU click here

Here for memory click here

If you go for 4GB in two sticks you can always add another two later.

I know they are all on the same site but this is just to show you that for not much more money you could get a lot better set up.

Those hard drives you have will work just fine.

One last thing, go for the best mobo you can because in a few years time it should still be able to take a better cpu.

  carver 22:31 20 Jun 2008

If you need any help to sort out a system post in the help room, there are some great people in there who know far more than me.

And they are only too willing to help.

  Joe R 12:38 21 Jun 2008


if you are set on a motherboard bundle, you will be better off here. click here

Cheaper, with lifetime warranty on (branded) memory, and a three year warranty on the full bundle.

  I am Spartacus 14:46 21 Jun 2008

I've got both a Q6600 and an E8400 (both overclocked) and when it comes to video rendering the Quad core easily outperforms the Dual core taking roughly half the time to render a clip.

  Strawballs 15:03 21 Jun 2008

Unless you are going for a 64bit O/S then more than 3.2gig of ram will not be seen by windows.

  Demora 09:37 22 Jun 2008

The version of WinVista I have is the 64 bit. I did intend to install it on the current desktop but so far its unseadled.

One thing I have noticed with most of the Motherboard bundles is that the sellers DO NOT (or rarely) mention the make of motherboard.


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