Innovating way to be bamboozled....

  Stuartli 16:50 08 Aug 2003

Just had an e-mail blurb from Innovations, that wealth of the things you always thought you wanted and then realised you didn't...

It's for an E-mail Alert USB, knocked down from £30 to £15 and, says the info, is a 4-way USB hub that checks for email.

"This handy gadget performs two distinct functions. First, it's a USB hub. Plug it into your PC and Windows will automatically install the set-up program - and suddenly you've got four USB ports instead of one.

"The second function is even smarter. The hub notifies you with LEDs and/or a choice of melodies when you've got new email waiting (supplied software makes your PC automatically dial up your internet/email provider at intervals set by you)".

Sounds great until a closer look is taken. Firstly it doesn't appear to be a powered hub so, at £30, was somewhat pricey and not much better at £15.

Secondly, Outlook Express can be configured to automatically check for new e-mails as often as you wish.

Thirdly, OE can also be configured to provide a distinctive sound if e-mails have been received whilst surfing.

It would seem it's no wonder that Innovations is having to dispose of its stocks of the E-mail Alert USB in the best way it can...:-)

  [DELETED] 18:30 08 Aug 2003


  [DELETED] 22:08 08 Aug 2003

Stuartli, could you advise me on setting oe to give me a sound warning when e-mail is received.
Thank you in advance Stuartli or some other kind person

  [DELETED] 23:05 08 Aug 2003

Go to tools > options > general tab and put a tick in the box "play sound when messages arrive".

  spuds 23:12 08 Aug 2003

Sounds by Incredimail (;o)

  Belatucadrus 00:35 09 Aug 2003

Innovations has had the chop, so don't think of it as an expensive yet strangely pointless bit of kit, think of it as a souvenir of a soon to be extinct British institution.

  Stuartli 07:46 09 Aug 2003

The point of the e-mail was to emphasise that Innovations is carrying on as usual........:-)

  watchful 08:56 09 Aug 2003

Not very innovative is it?!

  Belatucadrus 12:05 09 Aug 2003

The press announced their immanent closure some months back and as GUS have already killed off Jungle and transferred it's operations to Argos, it seems unlikely that Innovations will last much longer. Maybe they'll keep them going if we all buy the hugely usefull weather phone click here then again maybe not.

  [DELETED] 21:29 09 Aug 2003

Thank,s ,It will help greatly,Cheers mate.

  [DELETED] 22:34 09 Aug 2003

I forgot to add that you can change the sound by going to Control Panel > Sounds >Program event New Mail Notification and than browse for any sound files you have (that how to do it on XP at least!).

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