Innit marvellous

  HondaMan 16:07 29 Jan 2010

I start a thread praising Mesh for what is, by any standards good service and immediately a number of people jump in complaining about them when there have been very few posts about them for weeks. Perhaps it says something about the people who frequent these forums. I can understand why Mr Muir gets so hot under the collar but that's not to excuse the way his company operates.

  OTT_B 16:30 29 Jan 2010

It's the vocal minority....the problem with Mesh is that they appear to have a high volume of trade, so even if only 1% of their customers are dissatisfied, then that could still amount to an awful lot of people who want to make negative comment.

A comparable situation happens in the auto industry. When a customer buy a new car and there is something they genuinely like about it, they will tell 6 people. If the same customer buys a car and there is something they don't like about it, they will tell 26 people.

It's a no win situation, short of banning negative comments. But that would defeat part of the purpose of the forum.

  HondaMan 18:51 29 Jan 2010

Yes, I agree. But I do feel that I should apologise to Mesh for bringing their name back to people's minds again :-(

Isn't there an old saying about letting sleeping dogs lie? roflol

  Forum Editor 18:58 29 Jan 2010

who - for whatever reason - harbour a grudge against a company. It applies to all companies, and whenever a thread is posted you'll usually see the same familiar names jumping in with a derogatory comment - usually with a link to other threads that contain a complaint against the company concerned.

It's a fact of forum life, and it happens in all web forums. As OTT_B says, there's no answer, short of deleting the posts which these people write, and that would simply open us to accusations of bias, etc. It's something we have to accept as an inevitable consequence of running the forum.

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