Inkjet Printer Speeds

  Brian-336451 20:10 09 Mar 2005

If this HAS been covered before, I apologise.

BUT, why are Manufacturers and Test Labs SO different when quoting printer speeds?

It becomes meaningless when manufacturers quote ridiculous figures which amount to only hype.

Only 'real world' figures actually mean anything - a bit like hard drives sizes and magazine print production dates I suppose.

Thoughts or reasons (for the print speeds)?

  mole44 20:19 09 Mar 2005

like you i`m confused,i`d like to see a standard test page which would contain a set amount of graphics and text then test result would at least have meaning.

  Jackcoms 21:31 09 Mar 2005

"It becomes meaningless when manufacturers quote ridiculous figures which amount to only hype".

You've answered your own question.

Manufacturers quote higher speeds to sell their products. Whether or not those speeds are actually achievable or not is open to debate.

  wiz-king 22:05 09 Mar 2005

their is no standard for print speed, most manufacturers are going towards quoting a speed for either 10% or 15% coverage of print to a page but they dont tell you whether that is draft or high resolution, or give a figure for full coverage ie photo printing at draft or high res. Until the industry can agree a test spec - which should have been two years ago - then it is impossible to compare two manufacturers figures, you can only rely on outsiders tests.

ps This also applies to laser printers!

  €dstowe 08:40 10 Mar 2005

In so many things, speed is inversely proportional to quality.

  Stuartli 10:53 10 Mar 2005

PC Advisor did an article on this subject several months ago which, IIRC, stated some consultation was being undertaken to try and find common ground for test pages standards.

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