Inkjet cartridge replacement, original or other?

  Roy* 12:01 07 Feb 2009

I just wanted to get some opinion on ink replacement. I need some more ink for a Canon MP610, so for 5 Canon cartridges will cost around £45 for non canon around £15.

With my previous Epson printer I always used the non Epson cartridges saving around £30 each time. After 4 years the printer developed a fault which was said could have been due to using non original inks. For me there was no concern with the print quality using the cheaper inks especially as I’m not using it for professional photographic work. After 4 years the savings made on ink were enough to buy 2 new printers.

So I’m thinking along the same logic for the Canon as it’ll only take about 3 refill sets to pay for another printer.

Does anyone out there have any good or bad experience using non original inks with Canon printers?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:16 07 Feb 2009

I used non-originals from ChoiceStationery when I was in the UK and never had any problems with my ip4500.

  Roy* 14:52 07 Feb 2009

Anybody else had problems I need to be aware of?

  961 15:36 07 Feb 2009

Try the re-manufactured unless you are into photo prints

Especially use cheap black cartridges at a fraction of the price

Just don't leave your printer unused in a warm room for week's on end while the cartridge clogs up

  ened 16:02 07 Feb 2009

I had a Canon ip6000 and the quality of the colours in photos deteriorated quite markedly when I started using Choice compatibles.

  oresome 16:11 07 Feb 2009

Most of the compatibles for my Canon IP4500 need to use the existing chip from the Canon cartridge.

But then go on to say that the chips supplied with the cartridges that came with the printer are different to original replacements and won't work.

You therefore are forced into buying at least one set of originals in order to be able to use the chip.

I see there are some chipped cartridges now on the market, but the price differential is much less

  Roy* 10:39 08 Feb 2009

I see 7dayshop sell chipped compatibles for £3 each although the CLI-8BK/Y/M/C etc matches they don't list my MP610 as a suitable printer so I've asked them the question.

Thanks for all your views.

  lotvic 12:15 08 Feb 2009

I have Canon MP510 and refill the colour and black cartridges with cheap ink (from supermarket or bulk buy bigger bottles from local shop)
I turned off the 'ink notification' popups and 'dire warning' of not genuine cartridge on the printer.
Am quite happy with the results as now the black on photos is okay. (before it was pigmented and shiny compared to the other colours and spoilt the finished pics)

I have been doing this for the last 2 years with no probs.

  Roy* 14:24 08 Feb 2009

So is it possibl to refill existing cartridges with ink from a bottle? Any tutorials on how to do this and what's needed etc?

  961 14:37 08 Feb 2009

Not worth the faff quite apart from the quality of the results when compared to the price of remanufactured

And when the better half gets to look at your attempts to clean up the sink/carpet/hanky/fingers/etc ???

  Roy* 14:42 08 Feb 2009

OK I'll stick with the chipped compatibles!

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