Ink jet photographic paper supplier

  dugit 13:55 06 Dec 2004

For the small number of photo prints I have done so far I have used Ilford photo-real silk paper 174 g/m which I feel is expensive, are there any good quality papers but cheaper?
I look forward to any recommendations.

  Smiler 14:03 06 Dec 2004

Try a local computer fair. They usually have stalls selling all types of paper for photos, cds etc.

  Totally-braindead 15:40 06 Dec 2004

I always buy from click here . All prices include VAT and P&P and I use their own paper 100/110g Matt for some printouts and for photos I use 169g midweight gloss. Very good paper for the money. You could also look at click here they're excellent for branded paper as well as other bits and pieces.

  Totally-braindead 15:42 06 Dec 2004

Forgot to say if you're unsure what to buy try Choices sample pack £4.49 to try a selection of what they sell.

  jack 15:54 06 Dec 2004

Concur with Brain Dead
sevenday shop tops for discounted paper
The excellent Ilford Galleriea series
6.99 for 25 15 ish for 75 A4s Gloss Matt Pearl

  pj123 15:59 06 Dec 2004

As Totally-braindead says, I also buy all my "special paper" from Choice. Never had any problems with it.

  Modo 16:06 06 Dec 2004

We are very heavy users of paper in A3 & A4 sizes becuse we produce one off documents or small batches of high quality one sheet flyers.

Traditionally we use Viking Direct or similair - based on price and availability. But for price and ease of purchase see if you have a "Partners the Stationer" near to you. Their own brand is very good and exceedingly competitively priced. They have 180 gsm photo paper and an excellent 160gsm double sided paper..

Please use them as I don't want them to get discouraged by these products sitting on the shelf not selling!

  dugit 16:07 06 Dec 2004

Many thanks for the helpful replies which I will now look into.

  jakimo 00:09 08 Dec 2004

As already stated Ilford Galerie are good value photo papers,available from:...

click here

Ilford printer profiles can be found here:...

click here

  pj123 17:59 09 Dec 2004

Just learnt that Ilford is no more! But Jessops are doing some really good deals on all the Ilford Digital printing paper that they have in stock.

  Border View 23:56 09 Dec 2004

Excellent value for money at

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