Ink cartridges

  latino1707 18:56 03 May 2004

Has anyone purchased from Britink? I did on 30th January2004. I have still not received the cartridges I ordered and paid for. Britink told me the package was returned to them because I was not at home. I told them I would be away for 3 weeks and the cost of postage to Holland was not enough and I would pay the extra. No answer to that. I was told a new order would be sent. Still not arrived. Asked for my money back, Emails ignored and no money returned. BE WARNED, DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

  byfordr 19:13 03 May 2004

Assume you used a credit card?

Have a word with your cc company

  latino1707 19:23 03 May 2004

No! used dd card.

  latino1707 19:24 03 May 2004

Also the order was under £50. Thanks

  spuds 19:47 03 May 2004

Britink click here

What made you chose this company, perhaps Choice Stationary click here would have been a better supplier.Well recommended within this forum.Was you expecting the package to be delivered to Holland!.

  latino1707 21:36 03 May 2004

I had the package delivered but I was away for 3 weeks and Britink was informed. It was returned to Britink.I am now trying choice. many thanks

  accord 08:45 04 May 2004

a lesson learned here me thinks.......use a credit card in future. 12:52 04 May 2004

In the interests of fairness, on behalf of, I would like to clarify a few matters.

Firstly, we don't ship to non-UK postcodes - something which is stated on our website.

On this occasion, an order was placed for delivery outside of the UK, to Holland. We chose to honour this order, which was despatched, and indeed WAS delivered, or rather delivery was attempted. The package was returned back to US, in the UK, with stickers from the TGP Post (the dutch postal service), claiming that it had not been collected.

The customer then contacted us, and explained that he had been on holiday, so we agreed to resend the package, at our expense. This was done, though it appears the package has not yet arrived.

In light of this, a full refund HAS been issued to the customer's card. There never was any question of fraud, and our contact details, including telephone number (which the customer has not called) are clearly displayed on our both our website and our PC Advisor advert.

Hopefully this clears up a few matters - and if anyone wishes to speak to me personally regarding this matter, then please call me, free, on 0800 161 3662.

Best Regards
Andrew Smith
click here

  whatsupdoc 14:47 04 May 2004

i feel Mr smith is to be commended on his apparently calm demeanor. if what he says is the full facts then id be more vexed and be on the phone to my lawyer.
there are always 2 sides to every story but why get so irate at such a silly little thing.

  spuds 19:58 04 May 2004

A nice and fair response from Britink, and they are to be commended on their answer to latino1707 concern. I was wondering where Holland came into the issue, now we know.Perhaps latino1707 will give a reply in due course, which in fairness, he/she should do.

  computernerdiamnot 20:22 04 May 2004

Well just for that response from Mr Smith at Britink and a explanation as to what happend i think i will try them. Keep up the good work Mr Smith because at the end of the day Customer Services leads the way.

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