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  spuds 19:56 04 May 2011

Plusnet have been making some serious promotional offers recently, and my questions are: Do you use Plusnet, and if so, what are the pros and cons of their services.

Is this another company that offers a lot at present, but will deteriorate over time, when they get more subscribers, like some other ISP's have done?.

  rickf 20:08 04 May 2011

I have been with Plusnet for years. Although I do pay a little extra it's worth every penny as the service is very good. You are kept informed up to the minute as to what is going on, eg updates on maintenance, outtages etc., They have been consistent over the years and I wouldn't think of changing. All the new offers from ISPs are just a way to "hoick" in new accounts. Hope that helps.

  caccy 21:03 04 May 2011

Like RICKF I've been with Plusnet a number of years and have nothing but praise for them. The only time I had a problem ,which was due to "noise",it was intermittent but they liased with me for over 2 weeks until it was sorted. Have the cheapest package of Broadband and anytime telephone.

  anniesboy 08:17 05 May 2011

I joined them in January this year, I had problems with their supplied router. After some weeks of suffering poor wireless connection they supplied a different router which has overcome the problem. Take a look at the Plusnet Forum you will see people complaining and others praising, I have found them to be good .

Also their broadband and phone package saved me about £10 per month. Remember it is a BT owned company.

  961 09:02 05 May 2011

I can vouch for Plusnet service as well

Took great trouble in identifying and rectifying problems and getting BT to renew quite substantial bits of overhead and underground cable between me and the exchange

I can also quietly say that from personal experience there is a haggle factor in quoted prices if you persist

  HondaMan 12:13 05 May 2011

I have been with PlusNet, previously Force9 for many years. Like rickf I pay a l;ittle more to get a lower contention ratio, and have recently joined their high-speed trial which means I download at 34775K kbits/sec. Brilliant.

I* have considered changing, but they are such good value, very fewe can beat them. Excellent customer service and extremely reliable.

  Picklefactory 12:46 05 May 2011

I was with them for about 4 years and was very happy with both service and costs, I only left as I moved to cable BB and I must say that even when I left, they were still very courteous and hassle free.

  spuds 16:01 07 May 2011

Thanks everyone for the responses.

Not sure if this would effect me, but it would appear that there is a 10Gb cap on the Plusnet service. Any comments about this?.

  961 16:05 07 May 2011

Unless you are into watching movies or streaming the BBC all day I suggest this won't be a problem

My cap on a subsidiary of Plusnet is 5Gb and I only rarely get anywhere near

You can try a software meter for a few days to see if this would cause problems but I very much doubt it

  HondaMan 20:48 07 May 2011

On my hi-spped serviuce I have a 15GB cap but I am sure you can opt for a higher one, PlusNet Extra, £12.00 per month gives you 60GB

  steve12345 02:03 13 May 2011

Also, any use between 12midnight and 8am is not counted towards your metered allowance! So if you need to download large files ( or big windows updates etc..), you can schedule them for those times.

I've been with them for years and am generally satisfied with them. A few hiccups once a while, but you will get them with any supplier. (I'm on the 60GB package for £11.49 pm)

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