Info for Bullguard users

  Esc4p3 10:09 04 Nov 2008

Some info for those of you who use Bullguard Virus Protection.......I noticed last night that I have not had any virus updates for 3 days, so contacted Bullguard and their virus updates are down at the moment due to "some emergency work" that they are performing. They hoped they would be back up today, but wouldn't guarantee it.

  anniesboy 17:09 04 Nov 2008

Mine was back to normal about two hours ago

  curofone 17:50 04 Nov 2008

Best thing to do is actually buy a better anti virus/internet security program. Bullguard really is one of the worst, it misses virus, it is slow to update it's definitions and it's expensive.

Buy something like Kaspersky, BitDefender or NOD all are far better. I Personally use NOD and I use to use Kaspersky and would never use anything like Bullguard, Norton or MacAfee

  anniesboy 18:39 04 Nov 2008

Each to their own,I have been using Bullguard for three years with no problems.
It updates every two hours,it has missed nothing.
Bullguard support is first rate.
The built in backup works without hitch.

It is all about personal choice

  DrATty 18:51 04 Nov 2008

Mmm. Virus scanners change so much with time that the best today can be the worst tomorrow. The latest offering from Norton is very good for instance. I use Kaspersky but I'm not sure I'd choose it today. I think BullGuard uses BitDefender's scanning engine (according to some articles anyway) to further muddy the water.
I wouldn't write off BullGuard just yet, especially if you have a paid subscription. If your definitions are out of date, turn heuristic scanning on. It helps though it's not ideal. I used BullGuard for a few months without a problem. It didn't cope well with IMAP mail and I changed because of that.

  Pine Man 19:10 04 Nov 2008

I used Bullguard for a long time with no problems whatsoever. Even helped with the development of the (beta) Vista version.

The only reason I changed was my new ISP providing a free security suite for the life of my contract.

  curofone 23:14 04 Nov 2008

By slow to update i mean that they are they are slow to make new defs for new viruses leaving you unprotected for longer than most anti virus programs. It might update every two hours but the def you are downloading could be a virus that was discovered along time before and therefore you would have been left unprotected.

The reason I changed from kaspersky was becuase they tried to make it too much like norton, I prefer the old versions that were much less user friendly but a lot quicker.

I have use all the major anti-virus programs in the past and the only one i would now use is nod pure and simply because of its speed to update and carry out full system scans other anti virus programs do not even get close to its speed.

I have a copy of bullgurad that came with my laptop and if i have time i will run a full scan with both bullguard and nod to show a time comparison

  curofone 04:43 05 Nov 2008

becuase i had plenty of free time during while watching the american election I ran the most in depth scans both programs can do. Took bullguard 3 hours to scan 400,000 files while it took nod32 1h15m to scan the same amount, neither program found anything.

To me that is a big factor in choosing anti virus program and mainly becuase nod does not tie up many resourcers while scanning.

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