For Info: Bad EE Experience.

  Legslip 11:08 16 Dec 2012

Went to fit a pals router the other evening and it didn't function. They had changed from TalkTalk to EE. Spent an hour and five minutes listening to music on hold from EE then the call cut off. I swore out loud!

Not giving up, I rang them back and after a department to department exchange, I was told that it would take up to 14 days to connect the Bband. I swore again! I was with my pal when they ordered it in the EE shop and they were told changeover would take two hours.


  woodchip 20:53 16 Dec 2012

Why should Router have anything to do with your problem? I am with TalkTalk and use a 3Com Router that's never been a problem with them. All you should need do is enter the User Password and loggon Password and it should work, theses \are entered using IE and connected with a Ethernet Cable enter the Router Web Address in the Browser to get to the inbuilt Router Settings Page

  iscanut 21:03 16 Dec 2012

Sounds as if he is waiting to be switched from one ISP to another, hence the delay. I would have assumed that EE would have advised of a connection date if that is the case. Has that date arrived/passed ?

  Legslip 22:01 16 Dec 2012

Thanks good people and nice to hear from you Woodchip. My pal went into the EE shop at Bluewater and signed up to move from Talktalk to EE. They were told that they would be off-line for two hours before the EE connection established itself. I set up the router as normal on the day the phone line changed over and that is when we found out that it wouldn't work for up to 2 weeks. Shambolic considering they do online banking and need to order via the net for Christmas.

  difarn 06:05 17 Dec 2012

Whatever the outcome of your dealings with EE, as a temporary measure your friend might consider acquiring a pay as you go dongle to cover a short period of internet use - you may even be able to negotiate one from EE/Orange as recompense.

  Legslip 10:05 17 Dec 2012

Good thinking Difarn. Thanks

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