Independent PC Testing

  Snooky50 22:51 19 Aug 2004

My PC is eighteen months old, has been regularly visited by the manufacturers local engineer and returned to their service dept. Enough is enough, I want to get an independent specialist report done so to take this matter to court. Can anyone recommend any national or south west based company which offers this service?


  Gaz 25 23:08 19 Aug 2004

Is the PC under the computer manufacturers warranty though? Generally its 12months.

Get any PC repair center to test the PC's parts, or do it yourself using diagnostic software/hardware.

  Forum Editor 23:14 19 Aug 2004

There will be lots of computer consultants who will no doubt be prepared to write a report but.......... do you really want to go to court, and if so, what is it that you hope to gain? The last thing I want to do is deter you from a course of action if you've decided upon it, and of course you haven't asked for advice, but I'm going to offer some anyway.

Why don't you post back with some more information - including the name of the company from which you bought your computer. There are remedies available to you under current consumer legislation, and they might avert an expensive and possibly inconclusive court action.

Tell us what and when, and by whom, and we'll offer advice and possibly help.......then if you're still dissatisfied you can go to court. All you risk is the loss of a little time.

  Snooky50 02:23 21 Aug 2004

Bought from Evesham in Feb 2003, (Evolution 3000).

Four home visits and three returns to Service Department so far with Evesham having suggested it should go back again for 4th full evaluation, inspection and repair.

To date, 3 new motherboards, 2 new hard drives, 5 lots of 6.1 Creative Speakers),new memory, cd/dvd drive, fans and cpu cooler later (all bar a new processor and new case really), still have a system which regularly crashes, freezes, sometimes takes upto 6 mins to load from startup, and does not do the job it was bought for - photo and video editing, as advised to the salesperson in the Evesham Vale (HQ) showroom when I ordered it - yes I made the effort to drive to their hq to see the system aswell.

System at the time was advertised as a Raid system, although Evesham's R&D team changed this to a 40gb boot drive and 200gb video files drive for video editing.

Computer was supplied without a power cable for tower unit and without a keyboard (unusable from day one!!). First call to Technical Support the following day. The next call a week later, to report system crashes, first new motherboard installed within 11 days of delivery.

Last time system sent to Evesham's Service Dept it was gone for all but a month. Amtrak lost it on it's return home journey, so Evesham advised would start making a new system. Unfortunately, Amtrak found the fated machine so it was returned to me.

Boot drive has been formatted and windows xp reinstalled at least 40 times!! (I now know the product key without looking at the sticker on the tower unit!!)

Two earlier requests for replacement machines have been declined. Have written to the Chairman twice, but despite troubles have never had a letter replied to by him. I have now sought legal advice and contacted trading standards. I have written to both Evesham and Credit Card company for full refund as goods not of satisfactory quality, nor fit for purpose they were bought (salesman advised of video and photo editing work) prior to order being taken).

Evesham have refused a full refund (twenty third letter received from Evesham to date), awaiting reply this week from the Bank.

Any suggestions?

  Forum Editor 11:14 21 Aug 2004

the computer from hell, and in all my time with the forum I can't recall a machine that appears to have had quite so many replacement items, or taken so many trips.

It's like the woodman's axe - he's had it all his life, and it's the best axe he's ever used, but it's had three new handles and two new heads.

Having read the details carefully one is drawn to the inevitable conclusion that the problem is either the processor or the owner. On the basis that the owner is going to stay the same I would think the answer is to try a new processor - they can leave the factory with faults, although it's fair to say it's quite rare.

It doesn't seem to me that an independent specialist (if there is such an animal) is going to be much good. He/she is going to be examining a machine that bears no resemblance to the computer that was originally supplied. Installing an operating system 40 times is bordering on the laughable - most people won't do that many installs in a lifetime.

My money's on the processor or the RAM (you haven't mentioned this) and to be honest I'm amazed that Evesham haven't tried replacing those components during one of the machine's sojourns in their factory. They may think that you are in some way causing these problems of course - has there been any suggestion that this is the case?

  spuds 12:43 21 Aug 2004

What advice did the tradings standards offer, as it would appear as though they offered very little, to the point that you are 'still going it alone'. It would also be very interesting as to what approach the finance house will also offer, to help resolve this long standing issue.

All the points that you have raised with the faults and replacements, would not make anyone confident in the machine.

Seeking an independent engineers report, will not prove a great deal, as they will only report on the computer as they see it on the day they conduct various test procedures. Your previous issues will have no bearing on the engineers present day report. I undertook a similar test action a couple of years ago, and to be truthfull it was a waste of time and money.The finance company that I used,via a interest free loan package, eventually came to the rescue after a bit of persistant persuasion and they resolved all the issues.

  Ben Chuud 13:25 21 Aug 2004

Try the Consumer Association (Which), they may be able to help

  Snooky50 23:02 21 Aug 2004

The original 512mb (pc2700) memory has already been replaced twice (and Evesham have advised me to replace my additional 512mb memory for one supplied by them (Samsung). I did in April.

DVD rom drive replaced twice (not once as mentioned earlier).

Trading standards, although would not personally intervene have advised me to request a full refund of £2600 purchase price from Evesham and my Credit Card Company (joint and several liability). Despite the computer being 18 months old now, the machine was delivered without a keyboard and power cable for tower unit (so unusable). Also as the first fault was reported in a week of delivery (and despite all Evesham's efforts, repairs and replacement parts), the same problems (crashing and freezing are still happening) - thanks for the reset button!!! It can be deemed I have not accepted the goods.

Evesham have already declined a full refund as feel it would be inappropriate. Isn't my machine's history enough, together with 23 letters enough for them to realise a fault with the computer. Sebastian Leaver, Evesham Customer Support Adviser has regularly written to advise I should have no further problems with my computer - but they still keep happening!!!

Does Evesham still have a presence in the forum any more?

The Bank are likely to want an independent report, however are still waiting for Evesham to reply to them with what their proposals are to sort this out (as both deemed liable).

If Evesham nor the Bank can resolve it, my only option is the Courts. Enough is enough, I want a machine that works, not one that sits unused gathering dust. I have wasted so much time on it now, I prefer to use my laptop (although it is not powerful enough for the digital video and photo editing I bought my desktop for!!

  Forum Editor 23:43 21 Aug 2004

would not personally intervene" Why not - did they say?

You say that because you reported a fault within a week of the machine being delivered "It can be deemed I have not accepted the goods". Who told you that? You appear to have agreed to Evesham repeatedly repairing the computer and I wonder why you didn't just tell them that you wanted a full refund when the first repair was carried out.

Presumably Evesham have had the machine on test in their factory before sending it back to you, and presumably it tested out OK. It must have done, or they wouldn't have returned it. I still think it would be worth replacing the processor, and I can't think of a reason why Evesham haven't yet done this - after all, as you say, it's the only component that hasn't been replaced. There's something about this case that is puzzling me, and I've written to Evesham on your behalf to try and get some more background. Let's wait to see what they say about it.

  spuds 12:20 22 Aug 2004

Evesham do indeed have a presence within the forum [email protected]

  Snooky50 14:27 22 Aug 2004

I spoke to Trading Standards in Exeter (part of Devon County Council), not TS in Worcestshire. They told me they would only offer advice on how to try and resolve this. After several telephone calls to different TS Officers, all were unhappy by the way Evesham had handled the case and not offered to replace my machine when previously requested.

I bought from Evesham after several months research, including pc reviews and recommendations from friends and colleagues. Knowing that Evesham had an excellent customer service and support, I didn't expect the initial faults to still continue after 18 months, so I was happy in the first instance to let Evesham repair it.

Thanks for contacting Evesham for me - I hope you get a better response than I have.

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