Incorrectly specified laptop, can I return to PC W

  tigerb 09:31 15 Jan 2006

Last week I bought an ADVENT 7083 AMD TURION64 MOBILE TECHNOLOGY ML-30 PROCESSOR 1.6GHz LAPTOP (using collect at store item). One of the main reasons I picked it was that according to the PC World web site specification list it had a firewire connection but it doesn’t!
Can I return it or is their some small print hidden away that prevents this.

  Hamish 09:40 15 Jan 2006

Go back to the store as soon as possible but first print out the specs from their website, which does state that it should have 1 firewire port, and take it with you but also make sure the the firewire port is not under some cover on the machine.

Post back how you get on

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:13 15 Jan 2006

It is very unusual for a new laptop to not have a firewire port.


  tigerb 10:32 15 Jan 2006

not the 7083 gandalf (not that I can see anyway lol) the electronic manual doesn't mention one,my medion desktop does so I know what they look like. I have printed out the specs and will return it later today.

  wee eddie 16:15 15 Jan 2006

I believe that there is a Mini Firewire port.

Better check for that as well

  Ikelos 16:27 15 Jan 2006

are we 100% it does not have firewire, as was said above very unusual not to have one, it is marked ieee 1394

  bremner 17:10 15 Jan 2006

Are you aware that firewire has two types of port. A 6 pin and a 4 pin.

The 6 pin is usually found on desktops and the four pin, which is considerably smaller, on laptops.

  bremner 17:11 15 Jan 2006

click here for images of each

  Hamish 20:51 15 Jan 2006

Hello tigerb,

How did you get on at PC World

  tigerb 21:08 15 Jan 2006

thanks for all replys, did not have time to return it today (Had to fit daughters washing machine instead lol)it as a lan, modem, 4 usbs, tv out, monitor out, head phones and a slot where an optional card reader can be fitted? but no firewire? on the pcw web site this model is not covered on there service site ie whats in the box etc too new?

  wjrt 21:53 15 Jan 2006

click here

dixons as well via

click here

pcw dixons and currys are all same group and reckon all advent 7083 should be same spec should provide a good case for argument

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