incorrect delivery> no response from vender

  Rtus 16:27 17 Apr 2004

Hi folks .
I bought a 120 gb Hard drive from big uk vender. upon delivery 25th march .I put its box away until I was ready to install in unit.I then install on the 14th 0f this month to find its not 120gb but only 20 gb and another brand to that stated on its box. I email vender ,get automated reply > your email will be answered in 12 working hrs..3 days pass & nowt so mail again stating same as before. Anyone have the same sort of problem ? & how did you get on . .OH by the way I requested correct item to be delivered and rma to be issued for return of incorrect both emails to vender.

  Forum Editor 16:51 17 Apr 2004

is a little unusual nowadays to say the least - is it a new drive?

You've done the right thing, although perhaps it might have been a good idea to open the box before almost three weeks had elapsed. Can you phone this vendor? There's no harm in naming the company by the way.

  Sir Radfordin 16:57 17 Apr 2004

How have you worked out that it is only a 20gb model?

  Rtus 17:18 17 Apr 2004

Drive brand new (supposed to be)& going by its label it is ..Ive dealt with DABS (naming em I didnt name before just in case I caused problems for PCA site)for so long now,I took it for granted it was correct item (they always have been in the past)Their after sales service has always been good upto now. Size determined by its model number ST320014A . The box says its a maxtor 120gb. the drive label says Seagate & model above. I always add venders invoice number to drive label on point of opening just in case there are problems.Why I didnt notice its brand before I marked the label.

  Sir Radfordin 17:30 17 Apr 2004

Lesson 1: Never make assumptions based on the past

Have a feeling the time between receipt and checking will cause you a problem. It is normal for you to have a certain period of time to notify a company of a mistake - that will have long passed.

Dabs are almost impossible to get on the phone so you are going to have to keep with the email/online forms. Snail Mail (Recorded delivery) may stand a better chance of getting a response.

Dabs seem to only give you information about anything if you give them your details first, so can't check anything about it for you - do you have a copy of their Terms and Conditions on the invoice/delivery note?

  spuds 20:58 17 Apr 2004

Don't like to put a damper on a possible returns. But Dabs are not the best company to deal with on returns or replacements,as you may find in a forum search. Jonathan Wall was the best contact, but it would appear as though his attitude as hardened of late. You can contact him via [email protected]

  ade.h 21:28 17 Apr 2004

Agreed ;)

  Forum Editor 00:13 18 Apr 2004

is indeed a 20Gb capacity. Something has obviously gone very wrong here, and that isn't altered by the fact that some time has passed since delivery.

Never mind about other people's previous experiences - you are acting for yourself, and must proceed accordingly. Use the email address provided by spuds, amd make the point that they, Dabs, have made a mistake here - and that you want the drive that you paid for, or a full refund within 7 days. Remember that you are in the right - keep the incorrect drive and all its packaging until you hear from Dabs - under no circumstances return the drive until Dabs ask you for it. When you hear from them, make sure they agree that they will refund your postal costs for the returned drive.

  Rtus 22:44 18 Apr 2004

Thanks for advice , Noted for use on monday/tuesday if no reply by then ..Ive been So busy with family business lately I haven't had much time to myself Let alone being online in the forum,Apologies for late reply..

  Forum Editor 23:33 18 Apr 2004

it's good to see one of our long-standing members posting again.

  Rtus 22:18 19 Apr 2004

3rd email contact .. I contacted your Post dispatch department twice previously about an incorrect size hard drive being sent out on sales number>>
5149894 20/03/2004 RPHDR03
DiamondMax Plus9 120GB [email protected]£53.62
+ 50pk CDR 80min 700MB( latter item OK)
subtotal £67.12
delivery £0.00
VAT £11.74
total £78.86
dabspoints 74
I requested RMA for incorrect drive and you ship correct item ASP .So far Ive had 2 automated responses quoting > 14/04/04 & 17/04/04
You can expect a reply to your email enquiry within twelve working hours. Please accept our apologies for this current delay.

Its now 7 days later & still no contact/RMA/correct hard drive ..COULD YOU sort PLEASE..
I want the 120gb Maxtor drive that I paid for..also Please issue RMA immediately for incorrect drive..


Thanks Spuds..& all

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