Incorrect Debit Charge and Subsequent Refund

  smugg1t 20:46 26 Apr 2004

Hi all! I recently used Planet Micro to buy various PC goods, but my first attempt at purchasing failed. However, I have been charged for an order that wasn't completed, and I was promised a refund almost two weeks ago. The refund still hasn't come through, and I have had no response to any emails I have sent regarding this matter. Can anyone help? Can I take this matter further?


  wee eddie 21:08 26 Apr 2004

More details needed. What? How much? When? How?

  spuds 22:47 26 Apr 2004

You mention 'Debit', and I hope this doe's not refer to a debit card transaction. If so, then you will not be able to cover yourself via the Consumer Credit Act, and your bank maybe reluctant to get involved. If you purchased via a credit card, then get in touch with your credit card company for their advice and help.

Planet Micro are on the phone 0161 205 3555 or 0870 745 3555 also they have a fax number 0161 205 4555.I usually find emails can be a hit or miss affair, speaking to someone with a name, can usually bring faster results.

  Forum Editor 23:07 26 Apr 2004

of protection under the Consumer Credit Act if you pay with a debit card, you have plenty under The Sale of Goods and Services to Consumers regulations, and the Sale of Goods Act, so don't worry. If the supplier is slow in making the refund you should provide a timely and firm reminder.

You seem to have done this via email, and by all means do it by phone as well, but bear in mind that two weeks isn't an eternity.

  harps1h 00:12 27 Apr 2004

still waiting on a refund from click here for a faulty motherboard, which according to their cust rep has been tested faulty. thats 5 weeks all in

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