Inconsiderate sky

  Housten 15:47 24 Jul 2011

Good Afternoon,

Some people may remember I was complaining about sky, and was criticised for having the wrong attitude. Well I wish to add that today I checked our sky account and I accept that I should have checked before. What I wanted to look at was the amount of credit we were getting back, BUT we are not getting any credit but we are being charged for August!! We have already paid our new ISP for August and should have had the July line rental and charges back from sky, but no we are still being charged by them even though we have a letter from them asking us not to leave!! After the abysmal treatment handed out to us, and the pathetic apology we were given and after which the service we received got worse and worse, I honestly expected that we would get the credit without any problem. Obviously this was expecting far too much of them, but my wife – in whose name the account is in – does not like to make a fuss but has agreed that she will write to them, yet again. I do not expect anything from them now, least of all our due credit but anticipate that we will have to get our solicitor involved to get our credit. Although this will probably take 3 or 4 months to happen it will mean that we will get a reasonable sum in the end. After FE’s comment on a previous post of mine I haven’t stated what I think of sky, but I will say that whatever you think I am thinking of several things a lot worse to call them. The previous moan/rant/whinge ( which ever you may wish to call it ) in my post I think it now shows the attitude they adopted by their high-handed, couldn’t-care-less attitude has been amply demonstrated ( again ), thus showing that my attitude towards them is entirely justified. Of course I expect some will still disagree with me but then doesn’t everybody have the right to have their own opinion?

To be honest I am not sure where to post this, but I think this forum rather than the others is more appropriate. Maybe FE will disagree.

  Forum Editor 15:51 24 Jul 2011

Transferred to Consumerwatch

From Speakers Corner.

  morddwyd 19:57 24 Jul 2011

"Some people may remember I was complaining about sky"

And some may not.

What on earth is this thread all about?

  rdave13 23:00 24 Jul 2011


mm I think it is about complaints against Sky if I'm not mistaken.

Housten, any chance of a link to your previous post?

  Housten 14:55 25 Jul 2011

Good Afternoon,

“morddwyd” and “rdave13

No, I haven’t been trying to avoid you! I have been trying to find my post!! I have found one – I think of two or three, but I am not certain as my memory can’t be trusted now – within another’s question. I don’t know how to do links, and I am not trying to annoy you, but the query was on 30th June by TopCat® and was about “Sky freezing prices until August 2012” ( it is on page 2 of Consumerwatch, about number 25 as I type this ) and I had a bit of a rant then. Basically sky were judge and jury when we went over their base broadband limit of 2 GB by 0.01 GB. We didn’t like that we had – especially as I had shut down and not used our broadband when I discovered we had reached 1.98 GB at 4.30 on the last day of the charging period. On opening the following morning we had, somehow, gone over the 2 GB and from that point on sky treated as scum. We actually received at least one, but I think it was two, letters from a manager apologising for the treatment/service we had received, but their service went downhill after the first letter anyway. They have sent a letter, no doubt a long time ago for them about the beginning of this month for us, not wanting us to leave but they are still charging us for the telephone line and broadband, even though the new line and broadband supplier took over at the start of June. If you think that I sound bitter and twisted I can’t dispute that and it’s not something I am proud of, but the way sky have treated us has caused it to happen. We tried to be reasonable with them – especially my wife – but they continually treated us with contempt and the questions we asked – most of which they themselves caused us to ask by their incorrect answers given to our questions – were incorrectly answered or sometimes totally ignored and if an answer was given it was to some question but it was not the question we had asked! If you wanted to be really sad – and I am not for one minute suggesting you do – I could email you copies of the dozens of emails that have n passed between sky and us over the last four or five months. These would bore you rigid, but were important to us ( at the time ) but now we couldn’t care less about them. Sorry to have gone on a bit but sky just make me very mad – and other things - at the moment and I, and no doubt others, would say that I am not coping well with it at the this time. If only they would leave us alone………

  rdave13 15:21 25 Jul 2011

Previous post, link

Usually Spuds has a good knowledge about how to complain in circumstances like this. He might spot this thread and give some advice, hopefully.

  spuds 16:33 25 Jul 2011


Considering what you have stated, then get in touch with for further advice. Sky is a member of that organisation.

Ofcom as stated that when a Mac code is requested, then the transfer should be done in-house, and completed smoothly. Alas though this is still not happening with some transfers!.

  Forum Editor 19:06 25 Jul 2011

I should just make it clear,in case there's any confusion

that the organisation in the link posted by spuds is a commercial limited company, and although it may be able to help in resolving disputes between the public and companies who are its subscribers, it does not have any official status or connection with any ombudsman appointed by the government.

  Forum Editor 19:17 25 Jul 2011

From what I can see this - although obviously very irritating - is an accounting error.

I haven't read any previous threads, but before offering any advice perhaps you could confirm a couple of points for me? Forgive me if this is ground you've already covered in another thread, but that's what happens if you post more than one thread on the same subject - if indeed that is what you did.

Did you give SKY formal written notice of your intention to terminate the contract that existed between you?

Was there a notice period in the contract?

Did you receive an acknowledgement of your termination request?

Has your new ISP service commenced - in other words, has your broadband service from SKY been terminated?

I know you're angry, and I can understand why, but perhaps you could just provide me with the bare facts as succinctly as possible, without the ranting about SKY treating you as 'scum' etc. Get the facts down here, in some form of chronological order, and I'll take the matter up with SKY on your behalf.

  Housten 14:15 26 Jul 2011

Forum Editor Many thanks for your comments. I will try and reply to your queries, in order. With regard to a written notice to sky, I am fairly certain we spoke rather than wrote to them and we were assured that this was just as acceptable as writing! Although thinking about it now I do wonder! But it was, I am fairly certain, my wife ( in whose name the account with them is! ) on the phone to them when she was trying to sort something else out with them. After this we did receive the MAC number fairly quickly because on 3rd June our new internet and line provider was invoicing us and as we had already paid for June with sky I was expecting a credit in our July payment. As I said previously I made an error by not checking up before on the sky account, but I did not think that they would continue to charge us when they had given us the MAC code. Whilst our ‘phone line was taken over by the start of June, it was only about the 27th June that our broadband was changed over to the new ISP. There well might have been a notice period within our package but we had been with sky for at least two years and I do not remember them altering our terms and conditions and I am fairly confident that in the ‘phone call my wife had with them she was informed that any notice would be covered by the time we were transferred. I can not honestly remember about any acknowledgement, but it may well have been with the MAC code. In my defence may I say that there have probably been the best part of a hundred letters, emails and ‘phone calls between us and sky since March, and without going through everything I can not quote ‘chapter and verse’. If you wish me to do this I will, but we are in the process of changing banks ( not as simple for some like us as it is for other people ) and it will, I would imagine being a bit on the safe side, about 2 months to not only get everything together but to get it into some sort of chronological order! This is partly why I have not posted before, I have spent some time looking, maybe not enough? I think you can see from the dates above that yes we have started with the new ISP! You say you appreciate that I am angry. To be honest angry doesn’t come any where near what I feel about sky. My wife is a lot, lot more laid back than I am and generally when writing to firms like sky she either writes the letter or vets mine. But the way she and I have been treated by them is something that ( completely understandable, I assure you ) you would not allow to be published here. We received an apology from the gentleman we were dealing with for the standard of care we had received – then it got worse! One small example : we received a letter welcoming us to sky’s everyday lite broadband about 12 days after it was written, ‘signed’ by the gentleman I referred to above, but this was some 6 days after we had received another letter with the same date and signed by him welcoming us to unlimited broadband! So we get two letters - 6 days apart – with the same date, signed by the same bloke to two mutually opposing services!! You couldn’t really make it up, could you?? Then this bloke sends us a letter saying they were sorry to see us going and would we consider changing our mind. Again the reply is unprintable!! I am sorry to have gone on for so long - perhaps you may consider ‘ranting’ - but we have had this sort of treatment meted out to us since March and it is a disgrace but I will now stop ranting and post this so you have some idea as to what sky are like, or should I say ‘have been like to us’ – utterly unprintable.

  Housten 10:59 29 Jul 2011

Forum Editor,

Just a quickie to bring you right up to date with information I now have. I have had a fairly long and detailed correspondence with our new ISP, and they have changed what I thought had happened. We started with their broadband on 11th June and our, presumably telephone line rental, and calls on 27th June.

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