For incompotent Customer service try Medion UK!!

  mij41 21:01 19 Feb 2007

See my previous listing in the Helproom forum plus latest updates on this unhappy saga of Medion Customer (dis?)Service!!

Would not touch anything branded Medion despite their 3 year guarantee, because if it goes wrong you are on your own, or you will wait and wait and wait..................................!!


  Input Overload 00:16 20 Feb 2007

Why have you started a new thread?

  Cymro. 11:24 20 Feb 2007

I bet that before the end of the day someone will come up with a posting that says the complete opposite = Medion best ever etc.

  mikef. 22:09 20 Feb 2007

I'll do it for you Cymro, I have nothing but praise for them when I had a hard drive problem, at home replacement within a week

  mike1967 22:49 20 Feb 2007

Same here replaced my power supply in a day or so

  g0slp 12:42 21 Feb 2007

I'll agree with the two mikes; I had prompt resolution of the problems which I have had with Medion equipment. Nothing 'over the top', just fulfilling their obligations in a timely manner.

  uesquebeathus 17:10 25 Feb 2007

Medion/Tevion service is as good as you can get, my keyboard stopped working, I called the service who put me through the loop even although I was mvps, mce, a+ certified, cisco, and worked in the industry for 16 years and sometimes a bit of an arrogant sod. I felt a bit stupid when it started to work, then the service guy said I would be better with a replacement which was here in two days.

  spuds 17:47 25 Feb 2007

I have and use a number of Medion badged products, and fair dues they are very good.

But I would like to offer a word of warning, never buy a Medion product that as been a display model in a store or showroom. I bought a Medion branded monitor from Staples as an urgency, last model in stock at the time. Medion agreed to register the monitor and provide the warranty extension, and two days later, notified me that their warranty was void due to the monitor being second user.Took quite a bit of unnecessary phone calls and letter writing, before I regained a warranty cover provided not by Medion but by Staples.

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