inability to get a refund

  toffer68 15:08 25 Jan 2010

I ordered a Panasonic triple set answerphone from Pixmania on 13 Nov. 2009
It stated it was temporally out of stock.
I waited for a week and then cancelled the order as I had found the same item at the same price elsewhere.
The sum of £75.10 was debited from my account on the 19th Nov.
Confirmation of my cancellation was received by email.
They stated they were forwarding this to their finance dept. to process my
refund and that I would receive an email confirming this which didn't happen.
Then they informed me that they had sent the goods (which I had cancelled)
When I told them I had already cancelled they advised me to refuse delivery so they could refund my money.
I been trying ever since.
They keep bleating on they haven't received it back in their warehouse.
What's my next step please- anyone

  ame 15:21 25 Jan 2010

Suggest you search forum for pixmania - e.g. click here I presume you did refuse delivery - any record of this? Perhaps contact your bank/CC company and see if they will help. Good luck.

  spuds 00:05 26 Jan 2010

Were the goods actually delivered to your confirmed delivery address, and did you refuse to accept delivery?.

Do you have any documentation to prove what you have stated?.

  toffer68 08:55 26 Jan 2010

Ame and spuds- yes I refused delivery and and at some point during a followup phone call to their customer services they said they were tracking it.
I refused delivery at the post delivery place. What I didn't get (and I'm kicking myself now) was a receipt from the post office.
Here's their last email.

"We apologise for any inconvenience and delay regarding your order with Pixmania.

Further to your email, we have sent a request to the Warehouse to look further in to your case.

As soon as we have an answer from them, we will get back to you with further information.

Thank you for your comprehension and patience."

I've found their address so I suppose the next step is to write to them as they are a French company.

  Input Overload 10:44 26 Jan 2010

Research well first, buy once = No hassle.

  morddwyd 10:59 26 Jan 2010

They surely have to prove that you received the goods.

They obviously cannot do that.

Tell your bank/cc company that the transaction was not authorised.

  ame 14:02 26 Jan 2010

I had a similar problem with a new PC some years ago, when the supplier posted me something with parts inside which were not what I ordered. (I knew from a confirmatory e-mail and tried to cancel but it was sent anyway.) It took a few months to get a refund and a bit of time phoning, sending info to CC company, etc. Your cost is below £100 but I suspect this will sort itself out in time - Pixmania is not some dodgy back street company, after all, despite some poor customer support. Don't despair - you will need to be very patient, I'm afraid, but contact your bank/cc company now as we advised above.

  toffer68 15:20 26 Jan 2010

encouraging thoughts ames. Just received the following:

Thank you for your email.

Please rest assured we are aware of the case and are onto it. The After Sales Department are dealing with your request to issue a refund as soon as possible.

You will of course be updated by an email shortly.

Please accept our apologies for the delay and for the incurred inconvenience.

You think that looks promising?

  ame 19:50 26 Jan 2010

Sounds like a bit of progress. You've got to give them a chance - you don't know when the carrier actually delivered it back to them - assuming they did get it.

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