Improving GPS performance on a Tesco Hudl

  DLWS 11:51 26 Oct 2013

I use my Hudl for GPS nav when flying a microlight. I find it slow to get its first fix and it drops out frequently. I am not a techie but reading up seems I have three options: a. Buy a GPS antenna and receiver - like - Anadigi GPS 206. This will need download of some software as well. b. Root the Hudl, allowing me to select the hearest NTP server. c. Using the A-GPS facility, update the A-GPS at a higher periodicity (max 1 hourly) so when there is a wifi connection it helps the GPS obtain a fix.

Anyone out there can advise me on which course to pursue?

many thanks


  alanrwood 11:53 26 Oct 2013

If it drtops out frequently I would return it for replacement. It might just be an under sensitive receiver.

  Woolwell 13:12 26 Oct 2013

How does it download the maps?

For your purpose I would have bought a GPS system designed for the purpose. Please tell me you have a map with you too.

  Woolwell 13:28 26 Oct 2013

So you're flying along and you have to log in to a free wifi to augment the signal. I don't think that is a starter.

  QuizMan 17:02 27 Oct 2013

I wouldn't mind betting that those developing the Hudl did not consider microlight GPS navigation as one of the uses for it. The only advantage over a dedicated hand-held satnav is screen size. If you must use it, I have no idea about your option "a". Option "b" would invalidate your warranty and is not to be recommended so I suppose, in your position, I would choose "c". A-GPS works well on mobile phones, but to the detriment of battery life.

Personally, I would prefer my Magellan Explorist 610 that includes UK-wide OS maps for navigation. Although I hasten to add that my feet are on the ground when I use it.

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