Import vat duty and taxes

  finerty 01:39 29 Feb 2012

Can someone tell me if i order a dvd set from the USA ( priced at £36.41 and delivery is £1.26.

How much would the Import vat duty would be and would i be liable for any other taxes

  finerty 01:41 29 Feb 2012

Sorry i forgot to mention i can get the same item here in the UK priced at £81.90 just wondering if it works out cheaper if i order from the states

  onthelimit1 08:42 29 Feb 2012

My son had a pair of Uggs sent from Oz - he was charged standard VAT at 20%. Made them quite an expensive pressie!

  birdface 08:52 29 Feb 2012

Duty 3.5% VAT 20% according to this.It does say 17.5% but as we know it has gone up recently.

Now I do not know if this is a fact or not but there was someone on here from the US that had a UK CD or DVD and he could not get it to play over there.Just something i read so maybe different areas have different codes but I know not.

Either that or it was the program he normally uses for playing CD's that would not accept the one from the UK.

  birdface 08:57 29 Feb 2012

Sorry that never came out.Bit annoying as it shows Ok at the bottom half of the post and when you send it it does not work properly.

  birdface 09:06 29 Feb 2012

Weird it still works ok on the preview of the post but does not work on the post itself.

Not to worry this what it say's.

DVDs and CDs (discs) Audio. Video, games (discs) CD Rom with data or programmes Blank CD-R and CD-RW

3.5% Free Free


Looks crap but the S was for the VAt and the 3.5% was for the vat.also looks like Audio. Video, games (discs) are free from Duty

  birdface 09:11 29 Feb 2012

New I read it somewhere.probably does not apply to you but worth a read.

  wee eddie 09:55 29 Feb 2012

While you go through the purchase process, watch out for the addition of "Local Taxes" which differ from State to State in the USA.

  finerty 10:38 29 Feb 2012

the DVDs are region 0 and will play on any region according to Amazon

  birdface 10:46 29 Feb 2012


Yes region 0 should play on Multiple Areas.

  finerty 10:57 29 Feb 2012

thanks Buteman

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